Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lori: The Twirling Viking Warrior?

I've been looking at photos from my pole fitness studio, Twirly Girls Pole Fitness, through Facebook.  Each week, there are photos of this girl, Jennifer.  She has the most amazing body, flexibility and strength.  I was so jealous.  She can do all the things I want to do on the pole!  Recently, I met Jennifer.  She's the size of one of my legs!  SO tiny!  So, then I start asking myself.  Even if I was in the best shape of my life, would *I* be able to do what Jennifer does?  I would guess her to be under 5 feet tall and under 100 pounds -- and PURE muscle.  I'm well over twice her size!  Can a six foot tall body hang off a pole and do all the things that a five foot tall body can?  Is it all relative?  Her toned muscles have to hold up a lot less than my flabby muscles do.  I'm not taking away from the amazing things she can do!  But am I setting myself up to fail by thinking or hoping that I too could hold the poses that Jennifer can?

Time will tell, although I have already admitted that I like cream puffs too much to truly have hopes of looking anything like Jennifer.  Bel said that when she met me, she immediately thought of a viking warrior.  I get an image of a strong woman with long flowing hair, carrying a bow and arrow or sword and wearing a fur-lined bikini.  I can live with that image!  Because of my height, I am often called Amazon, so its not too far from something I've imagined before.  Maybe I will never have the slim, dancer's body, or a super-toned, muscular body.  I can only be me.

Rita has been awesome, videoing some of our classes, to show our progress and help us pick out the things we need to work on. 

The first video was probably taken at the very end of Level 1 or beginning of Level 2.  That means we've only had four or five classes.  This isn't my favorite.  The shoes I'm wearing were sticking to the floor and its hard to do some moves if I have to pick up my feet (if you want super cute, but reasonably-priced shoes, check out FUNky Pair!).  Plus, I just don't like looking like Shrek next to Bel.

Level 1 at Twirly Girls

The second video is about half way through Level 2.  We've only been in two more classes, but we are more aware of the cameras and how our moves come across.  Its also easier for me to do some of these moves without shoes on.

Marilyn is another instructor at Twirly Girls and taught a Burlesque dance class.  Keep in mind we have no dance experience and we learned this in an hour and then performed it.  I thought we did pretty well! is how I WANT to look when I pole dance:

A girl can dream.  For now, I am Lori: Twirling Viking Warrior Princess.  Who likes to eat cream puffs.  :-)


  1. I feel these posts are very cathartic for you. Good work!

  2. We need to get you a horned helmet and I am sure Rob would buy you a fur lined bikini.

  3. Dave, I'm down for the helmet...but I had a hard time even typing "fur bikini." That's what one of the Girls Next Door calls an untrimmed...ummm...pubic area. ;-) So maybe we can find a better name for it. haha!!