Monday, March 15, 2010

Letting it all hang out

How did I get myself into this?!  I'm all about forcing myself into situations outside of my comfort zone.  It's good for me, right?  But pole dancing alone for a group of my friends...scary!  And then thinking it would be fun to do it for strangers, including men, under the guise of a "dance recital?!"  Clearly, I'm not right in the head!


Of course, I'm talking about the solo routine that Bel and I have been brainstorming about.  My Twirly Girls party is this Sunday.  Initially, Rita and I set the date based on when we thought we'd have time and money to do it.  Those kinds of parties are usually set up for birthdays or bachelorettes.  The timing coincides with my "new-birthday," so that has become the unofficial reason for the get-together (the anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery is March 17th).  We never need a reason for a party, though!  Andrea has been working very hard on a BEAUTIFUL routine for her own party next month.  She's a classically trained dancer and looks so amazing when she does her dance.  Enter Lori the Viking Warrior, swinging her sword and chopping off heads wherever she goes.

My costume is won't even button up past my boobs.  My song is dirty...Darling Nikki (the Prince song, which was re-made by the Foo Fighters).  I've been working really hard on my routine though!  Practicing at home every single day.  I think I can now crawl around on the ground and get up with those boots on without looking like a cow.  At the end of the day, my routine is going to be FUN!  I've given up thinking I can look like Andrea.  We aren't built the same and I will never be able to move as gracefully as she does.  So, I'll play up what I can do...and I can let it all hang out. 

I can't wait for the party on Sunday!  For those of you who are coming, you are in for a treat.  I think!  haha!!


  1. Sounds sooo much fuuun!!
    I wish there could be a party like that here!
    GOOD LUCK! :)

  2. Awww...thank you! I will post a video next week!! :-)

  3. Well i am going to give away my anonymous I am so proud of you and wish i could move as sexy as you can. You are so fluid and sexy and I LOVE the outfit. If I had a set like yours I would flaunt them proudly. You always make each class so fun and you inspire to be more brave as I am afraid of the pole very intimidating. I am so happy to have met both you and Rita . You are both so wonderful and I look forward to your party you are gonna rock.

  4. Anonymous, if that's your real name (;-)), I look forward to class with you! You've helped make Wednesdays nights something I REALLY look forward to! You have improved so much on the pole. You don't seem to be afraid at all anymore! I can't wait to see your solo!

  5. This is going to be a crazy weekend...but a goood crazy! You're all going to love the moves you'll learn with "Kat"...and then after we can hang around because its social, bubbly and other goodes...we can even have the guys come over and meet us if you want...sometimes we head over to Red Coats.tear up the floor with Twirly the way...the beauty of pole is that we each dance so different...wiwth our own styles...its what makees it our own...Lori you really don't realize how good you the way...doug said you take beautiful pics and said you would be a great model..and he doesn't bulls***t....I am going to be like a proud mama when you strut out on Sunday and show-em what you got....oh...wanna come in early on friday to practice...before "Kat" you wanna stay at my house so you don't have to drive so and rita can stay and we can have a slumber party...heheh

  6. Bel, this is going to be a great weekend! I'll e-mail you about everything! Thank you for the very sweet compliments!!!