Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Real Women ROCK IT

Women of all shapes and sizes are sexy.  We just have an amazing shape and feel.  We have curves (even you skinny bee's do!).  We smell lovely (hopefully).  So, why am I so disappointed to still be "plus-sized" after losing all of that weight?  I am trying to accept myself for who I am.  As Bel likes to say, I'm the Twirling Viking Warrior.  No matter how much weight I lose, or how toned I get, I won't look like any of the professional pole dancers.  I'm just not built like them.  I am what you might call STURDY.  I'm six feet tall.  I have ridiculous thunder thighs.  I'm strong (kinda).  Nothing about me screams "ballet dancer." 

I have had many people suggest that I model (Sometimes followed by the fat insult, "but you have such a pretty face!").  I have always felt like I have no place in that world.  I'm way too big to be a traditional model.  I'm still slightly too big to be a traditional plus-sized model (they generally go for size 10-12 girls).  And I'm too small to be a true plus-sized model.  I bounce between a size 14 and 16.  Where is my place in the world??  

Why do people always want what they can't have?  If I was the size of a ballet dancer, would I want to be taller, stronger, faster, or whatever?  Probably.  I think it is so important for young girls especially to learn how to love themselves regardless of how they look (although I'm not doing very well of supporting the cause with this bipolar post).  I also think it's important to dress for your size.  Nothing better than seeing a bigger girl sporting low-slung jeans with six inches of butt crack hanging out.  I love the website  They celebrate larger sizes.  They even use larger models.  And their lingerie is still beautiful.  I always used to love seeing websites or stores that offered larger sizes.  They'd still use the size 0 model to show off the clothes (with a happy note in the corner "OFFERED IN PLUS-SIZES!!").  Or, if they had a larger model, she'd be wearing a tent.  I'm sure we could debate all day about fat acceptance and whether clothing designers are actually making enough cute clothes for the big girl, but I can definitely say there are more options now than when I was a teenager. 

I am still a work in progress.  Although I still strive to be at least 25 pounds lighter than I am right now, I am also trying to accept my body.  I imagine I will yo-yo this 25 pounds for the rest of my life.  I have a terrible habit of always pulling at my clothes to hide my fat rolls, which I need to stop doing.  I believe that there are clothes that flatter every size, although I also refuse to "accept" my recent weight gain by buying new, larger clothes, so I'm sausage-ing it until I lose this weight. 

I recently met through Facebook, a photographer named Steve Gatlin who supports beautiful women loving themselves at any size.  I will attach his website.  Please watch his short video.  It's really well done. 

Until next time, keep twirling!

Steve's website and short video:

My favorite outfit on Hips and Curves right now:


  1. I think one of the reasons that people don't like how they look is because they know in their hearts that they aren't as healthy and as fit as they COULD be. Everyone is built differently. Like you said-you can't change how tall you are, or how your bones are set. I know that I'm not fat, but if I was consistant with my diet and exercise I KNOW I could look completely different! So it's not that I don't like how I LOOK, what I don't like is that I am not allowing my self to look as I CAN. We aren't maintaining the bodies that we were born with! I think that is a big thing that people need to realize. Just think of how everyone in the world would look and feel about themselves if they ate and exercised as they SHOULD...It's crazy to think about. Of course there are situations which can hinder this concept; illness, disability, etc, but for the majority of people that aren't happy with their body images, I feel that it really is a lack of upkeep or the lack of knowledge needed for them to do so. This is something that has just dawned on me...Your thoughts?

  2. Heather, I totally agree with you! I know that eating badly and not exercising becomes a cycle. You eat crappy, you feel bad, so you eat more crappy-crap. You miss a day of exercise, sleep in, think that it's ok, so you miss the next day. Suddenly, you're eating like shit, not exercising and you feel terrible (about yourself, your situation and life in general)! I know that even if I'm not losing weight, I have to exercise somewhat regularly in order to sleep well and avoid back pain. But the guilt of NOT eating right and exercising seems to only drive me to do more bad things. Very interesting and GOOD POINT! :-)

  3. Viking Warrior....When Lori first walked into Twirly Girls I remember one thing and one thing only...She laughed and she laughed REAL... She was tall and so powerful...I just thought of a Viking Warrior! I never thought of her as (big, large, heavy etc.etc...) all I saw was this striking Viking who Laughed Loud and Strong...and I wish I wasn't so tired because I would go on and on...its past midnite and my day starts early...but Viking are making such a HUGH difference in so many lives right skinny puny little barbie doll could every hold a candle to you...they'd crumble...while you will stand tall....damn if you aren't the one I need by the side of every Twirly Girl who ever needed some type of support!!!!

  4. You always touch my heart, Bel! Thank you for everything you do for me and my ego! ;-)

  5. You are such a beautiful woman inside and out and I feel blessed having meet you. Being around you just brings my mood up and makes my smile and enjoy life. You are so much fun and I will always appreciate you going out of your way to drive me to class when I didn't have my car even though it was way out of you way. You are one of those people who has made a positive difference in my life and I thank God I met you. You inspire me. Twirl Girl, you are Lovely

  6. Your light shines very bright and touches many lives. You will always be a beauty. I am so happy to have you shining in my life.

  7. Great blog!
    The whole plus thing confuses me as well.
    I'm a 12 right now (5'9", 185 lbs), which actually means I'm classic Plus Size model size. However, for the first time in years I don't think of myself as fat (still a bit over my ideal weight, but not fat). It makes online dating VERY challenging, because so many men are on alert for "fat chicks" and I constantly feel like I have 1) be honest about size and 2) defend it. So annoying.

  8. It's definitely confusing!! Although, until VERY recently, most plus-sized clothing stores weren't even using "plus-sized" models. They'd be like a size 10. Is that really plus-sized? The American "average" is now a size 12-14. And most plus-size stores carry a 12 and up. At 6 feet tall, and 180 pounds, I'm still around a size 14. Yet, right now, I'm up to 225 and I'm still a 16. How can I put on THAT much weight and only go up ONE effing size?! LAME!

  9. I'm glad you have re-posted this one, b/c it gives me the chance to comment again! :)

    Jason & I have been looking at your pictures a lot lately (I'm trying to familiarize him with who I will be spending a lot of my time with in California, lol!) & I made a comment that even though you are a bigger size, I am SO envious of how you always look so good in what in you wear!! I look at some of your outfits & I think "Wow! If I tried to wear that I would look rediculous!" or "How can see wear something so skimpy? If I put that on I would be hanging out everywhere!". And Jason agreed, (not that I would look stupid, haha), but that you always seem put together so well! He also commented on how WELL you can move on that pole, for being your size! (And by your size he means being 6' and having HUGE BOOBS!)

    From the way you dress & photograph, I never see any rolls, or hanging fat. You're so solid! Nothing seems to jiggle but your girls! LOL. And that it so great!! It's funny how the mind works. Keep up what you're doing, b/c its definitely working for you :) Maybe you can give me some tips on how dress while I'm out there!! ;)

  10. Ahhhhh thank you so much!! Sometimes it's just good foundation. Nylons. Waist cincher. lol. And I also try to dress for my size. For example not shoving my size 16 ass into a size 14 too early. Hehe!! :-D