Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This is Kat!

I signed up for a sensual workshop at Twirly Girls later this month.  I'm really excited because, although I'm starting to get down the basic twirls and moves, I'm really bad at pulling off "sexy" and doing transitions.

I was at the studio last weekend and the instructor for that class showed up to practice.  And so began my girl crush on Kat.  She's gorgeous!  Her moves are so fluid, it's seriously like watching water flow.  If you see a class on the Twirly Girls website taught by Kat, sign up because it's a guaranteed sell out!  Anyway, I wanted to interview her for my blog...so here we go! 


1. What is your fitness background?

I have been taking weights class since Junior year of high school, but ended up getting involved more seriously about 2 years ago.

2. What first drew you to pole dancing?

Honestly, I thought it was by far so sexy, any women looked sexy dancing with a pole.

3. How do you deal with people who have a negative attitude toward pole dancing and/or it's roots in the strip club?

Lead by example, it's fitness... look at me?  If it wasn't would I look the way I do?

4. How often do you pole?

Once a week right now, hopefully a lot more soon.  I love it, works out all muscles in your body.

5. What do you do to blow off steam and have fun?

Usually, workout at the gym, lift some weights, or clean house or scream and try 2 fight people.. lol.  Just kidding.

6. What is your favorite outfit to pole in?

Well obviously a two piece attire, very attractive to be able to see the physique of a woman's body. Also, dancer heels... those are the best.

7. What is your favorite song to pole dance to?

Depends on what mood I am in. Normally slow songs maybe some Enigma or Enya or even some def leppard. ;)

8. What do you think about pole dancing possibly being in the Olympics?

I am so excited!!

9. Is anything off limits in your daily "diet?"

Try to eat as healthy as I can.

10. What advice do you have for people who think they are too big/too old/too uncoordinated (etc.) to get into pole dancing?

If women were all created the same don't you think the men would be too?  How boring...every woman is sexy in their own way no matter what, that's what I'm going to help every woman understand.

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