Monday, April 12, 2010

Another amazing Twirly Girls weekend!

I had another fun three-day Twirly Girls weekend!

We started off the weekend on Friday with Andrea's 50th birthday.  Yes, she is 50.  No, she doesn't look like she's 50!!  We all put on our costumes and danced for each other.  Kristin made the funniest cake with a Barbie and a pole!  But the REAL fun started when Andrea's daughter's "gift" showed up.  A stripper.  Holy moly.  This guy was dancing and whipping Andrea around like she was 20!  (Hello, sore back!!)  Bel challenged the guy to a lap-dance-off!  (She clearly won!)  Then Shannon gave him a run for his money in the exotic dance category.  She, as always, ROCKED the pole!  Unfortunately, what happens at a Twirly Girls party like that, has to STAY there.  So not many public videos or photos.  But, it was a FUN night!

Saturday, I had my regular class at Twirly Girls.  I love our group of girls.  Everyone is so sweet, although we miss Rita this week since she is still in Ireland.  We practiced some of our twirls for the upcoming benefit!  After class, Bel and I met Hooman from Alice Radio for lunch.  He's supposed to come to the benefit next week and he brought some Alice schwag for the silent auction.  Although the service sucked at the restaurant, the company and conversation made up for it.

On Sunday, Jamilla Deville, taught workshops at Twirly Girls.  She is the top pole instructor in the world right now!  You can buy her DVDs at  You can also find her fan page on Facebook.  I took her beginner workshop.  She was so sweet and patient.  She showed us some twirls and then gave us a few different ways to get to our end result, depending on our level of experience.  Honestly, I think most of us just wanted to watch her.  She is so fluid and beautiful.  She makes it all look SO easy!

That evening, Sapphire in Livermore hosted a meet and greet, and Jamilla performed for us.  Again, there are no words to describe how easily she transitions through her moves.  When she climbs or pulls herself up onto the pole, it looks completely effortless.  I will post a couple of photos below, otherwise, the rest will be on my flickr account.

I thank all of my Twirly Girl friends for another amazing and fun weekend!!  We will have to do it again soon!

Andrea, the birthday girl!!!

 Kristin's cake for Andrea!

Uh.  Wow.

 I'll be Andrea's bunny!

As we learned, bunnies do it with one leg up!

Bel and Hooman

Twirly Girls at the studio with Jamilla

Jamilla, me and Bel (uh..hello I look tired with no make up on!!!)
Jamilla performing (photo above, of course)

Jamilla and me! (photo below, of course)
The Twirly Girls group with Jamilla at Sapphire

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  1. For those wanting photos...I will upload them soon! These are just a sampling. :-)