Thursday, May 13, 2010

When worlds collide...

So last week my mom and seastars (sisters with an accent) came to Twirly Girls for a taster class.  I was off work to move into my new place and was living relatively pain free (so, ready to twirl).  However, I had also just left an appointment with Keith at Tri-Valley Bodyworks so I was greased up and unable to really pole. 

Why is this blog-worthy?  Well, why is anything in my life blog-worthy really?  This is where I come to rant or rave or celebrate or whatever.  You aren't exactly a captive audience.  You may leave at any time if you don't like what I'm saying.  :-)   But I digress.  The reason THIS is so blog-worthy is because my mom is a conservative Christian. Working out on a stripper pole is frowned upon in that community regardless of the reason behind it.  I could tell when I told my mom about my new fitness venture that she wasn't impressed.  So it was a big deal that she put her feelings aside and came to check it out. 

I thought the class went well.  My sister, Kati, is super strong so she was able to climb and invert and already do all of the tricks I'd love to do.  My youngest sister, Lindsey, did really well too.  She could do a cross-legged pole sit, which I am still working on (I can't get that damn leg to go straight) and a hand stand.  My mom was a good sport and was able to do all of the basic moves.  Bel was really good about feeling out the crowd and catering to what they could handle (mentally and physically). 

At the end of class, Bel suggested I perform my Darling Nikki dance.  If you aren't familiar with the song, one of the first lines talks about masturbating in a hotel lobby (and there was an audible gasp from my mom when that part of the song hit).   I wasn't going to be busting out in my busty cop outfit but the words to the song and some of the moves alone probably weren't going to be my mom's cup of tea.  I was really nervous and I messed up half the moves (not to mention, I was still oiled up from my appointment with Keith and was slippery like a greased pig), but I was glad I did it. 

Regardless of how loud I yell about the fitness aspect of pole, the morality issues surrounding stripping and the stigma attached to pole dancing are still there.  For the most part, I don't care what an adult does to make their money (or get in shape) but a small part of me still wants my mommy to approve of what I'm doing. 

After my dance, my mom did mention that she wouldn't be getting a pole for the house and she didn't like my song, but she still seemed to have a decent time.  And I appreciated her for making the effort. 


My mom




  1. Oh Lori!! My mom is a lot like your mom!! I still haven't told her I have a pole in my living room! I am dreading the day she sees it. It makes me a little less nervous that your mom was not as disapproving. It looks like you all had a blast!! I miss coming down to Twirly Girls! I need to save up some money and come down soon!

  2. You should introduce it slowly and take her to a TG class!! ;-) I miss seeing you too!! Let me know the next time you're in town! Even if you can't make it to a class, I'd love to grab lunch or something!