Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Introducing DUCK DUCK GOOSE!

So I needed a feel good story.  I still love Creepy Tree, even though haters tried to take my joy away.  So I thought I'd write about my friend, Brandi's goose, Duck Duck Goose.  Brandi got DDG four or five months ago.  And DDG has imprinted on Brandi as her mom and Brandi's pugs as her siblings.  That goose has no idea she's a goose!  Brandi has an awesome menagerie, including the pugs, a kitty, a snake, a chick, a parrot and who knows what else!  It seems like every day I see a new animal on her Facebook page.  :-)  Anyway, not much to say...just wanted to post some cute photos and post a link to DDG's new fan page on Facebook.  Become a fan and follow the adventures of Duck Duck Goose, and her bouncers, The Pugs!

1 comment:

  1. Hi! This is the mom of Duck duck Goose! I am so lucky the person who found him/her let me have him. So much fun! Everywhere we go, people are stopping traffic (foot traffic, auto traffic, you name it) to take pics.

    Oh, and Duck duck wants to thank you for the intro, Lori!