Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The iPhone 4

So, as most of my friends know, I'm an iPhone junkie.  I even have a support group on Facebook for my addiction.  I previously had the iPhone 3G (second generation phone...first was the iPhone, then 3G, then 3GS).  Sadly, I am all too familiar with the reception issues that have been caused by the AT&T-Apple relationship.  I've had AT&T for years and have never had any reception issues, so there's something going on with the iPhone that causes dropped calls. I love my iPhone and I can admit this. 

I had been trying to hold on to see if the iPhone would jump to Verizon, still hoping it would somehow have better reception.  The rumors were swirling.  Yes, it's jumping.  No, it's not.  My iPhone was two years old and it was time to get a new phone.  I considered other Verizon phones.  But I felt like I had spent way too much money on iPhone apps to just walk away from the brand (they did that on purpose, right?!).  I considered just holding on to see how long my phone would last...maybe I could squeak out another six months or a year and Verizon would release an iPhone sooner rather than later. 

Then Rob got interested in the iPhone (he was a Verizon customer).  He was checking out all of the reviews and decided he wanted an iPhone too.  The iPhone 4 release was crazy.  People waiting in line overnight, or paying people to stand in line for them.  I get it.  iPhones are awesome.  But I wouldn't stand in line overnight for one.  Of course, they sold out everywhere.  Unless you pre-ordered you had no chance of getting one.  Another release date was set for a week or so later.  All of the pre-order people started getting their phones and complaining of issues.  This is a $500 to $700 phone.  It should not have issues.  In fact, it should cook your breakfast, make your bed and tie your shoes for you at that price.  People were claiming that if you touched certain points on the antenna (which is essentially the entire rim of your phone), your reception bars went down drastically.  We AT&T-iPhone people are used to reception issues but apparently this issue was EVEN WORSE.  How is that even possible?

Rob's friend, Cory, had a pre-ordered phone and said his worked fine.  He even let us touch it and kiss it and pet it (ok, he doesn't know about those last two parts, so no one needs to tell him).  Despite all the fuss about additional reception/antenna issues, we upgraded to the new iPhone 4, so I thought I'd give it a quick review.  Keep in mind I'm not a tech geek.  This is going to be short and sweet.

I LOVE MY iPHONE!  I always have.  I don't actually talk on the phone much, so I could care less if I have awesome reception -- I have "good-enough reception."  The new screen is so crystal clear, it's hard to comprehend unless you see it.  Five megapixel camera on the back (and another camera on the front for those self-portraits or for using FaceTime).  FINALLY A FLASH!  Although, I will admit the flash is overwhelming and pretty much sucks, at least I finally have one.  The supposed longer lasting battery may or may not be true.  I keep my phone plugged in while I'm at work, have a charger in the car, an external charger for my purse and have chargers laying around the house.  It's rare that I even let the battery get low enough to die. 

Back to the reception issue.  Even though I tried to hold my phone in a way to cause it to lose bars, I think I only got the right combination to actually make it happen it once.  This phone is made almost completely of glass. Why wouldn't you have a cover on it?  It protects your phone and completely takes away the (new) reception issue (the old one remains...which still isn't that big a deal to me).  I imagine with any kind of electronic device, a certain percentage will have some kind of bug.  And I just feel like there are the people who love Apple and the people who do not.  And it seems like the people who do not like to spend a lot of time talking about how crappy Apple is. 

So, if you're looking for a new phone and you LOVE Apple, you will probably love the iPhone.  If you HATE them, then don't bother.  I don't want to sit around listening to you bitch about how much you hate your phone.  I'm too busy playing Angry Birds and loving mine. 

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