Thursday, September 30, 2010

How this Twirly Girl got her groove back...

Or not.

I was so excited to get back to class at Twirly Girls last night.  I had been out for almost two months (needed a mental break from life more than anything else).  For the past two months, I have been pretty good about getting up at 5 a.m. for the gym.  Spinning (cycling), yoga, lifting weights.  I haven't lost much weight but I can already see a little bit of a difference in my dimply thunder thighs and how my pants fit.  Unfortunately, when I spin, I get huge thighs.  But if they're smooth, huge thighs, I'll take them over the fat encrusted, large thighs I have now. 

I guess I thought I was going to come to class, be super strong from two whole months in the gym, be able to climb, invert and do all kinds of tricks.  Instead, I felt awkward and slow.  My movements felt jerky.  And the calluses on my hands were clearly gone because my skin started rubbing off.  It's like I am starting pole for the first time ever!  It was a bit of a disappointment.

Don't get me wrong, it was great to see the girls again (I missed them a lot and only wish Bel had been there last night because I've missed her a lot too), but I was disappointed in myself.  I have determined that I am a very social person and staying home actually only depresses me more.  So I need to find a good balance between working-gym-friends/family, because I truly feel like I need to have all three in my life to keep myself healthy and happy.  Oh, who am I kidding?!  If I won the lottery, I'd drop my job like a hot potato (SORRY, MEL!!!).  But still...I currently need to work to pay bills and fund my fun stuff.  I need the gym to be healthy.  And I need to be social to be happy.  Wait.  I need to fit rest in there somewhere. I'll get to that later.  I'm still working on that whole scheduling thing. 

I started physical therapy (through my insurance) on my lower back yesterday.  For those who don't know, my journey started in November/December of 2009.  My left hip started hurting a lot.  I had days where the pain was so bad, I could barely walk.  I have had x-rays and an MRI.  They can't really find anything wrong -- maybe a small tear where the MRI couldn't "see."  I have kept my pain levels manageable by using Keith from Tri-Valley Bodyworks.  He is amazing.  But still, the pain has lingered somewhat and now my lower back pain is slowly increasing.  Not sure if the hip pain was masking the back pain or what.  I can usually walk around for about an hour before I have to sit because the pain is so bad.  It's especially troublesome because my dad had hip/back pain and just had to have surgery to repair a bulging disc.  If he's not careful, he'll be back in for some hardware to repair a compressed disc.  I know my sister and a couple of cousins also deal with similar issues, so I am trying to be proactive and avoid surgeries and cortisone shots (which is what the doctors keep offering me).  But if my dad is only in his 50's and already having back surgery...what am I facing in my 30's?!

Anyway, I am tight and sore in the L4/L5 area of of my spine (the lower back).  The theory is that because I spend so much time doing things bending forward (sitting at a computer all day, spinning, etc.), that walking especially hurts my back because it's the closest thing I do to bending backward.  I am very limited in my back bending abilities (and there go my dreams of doing that back bendy thing against the pole!!!).  I have been given some stretches to start this week.  Next week I get exercises and I have been told to get into pilates reformer training as soon as possible.  The hope is that I just need to build my core strength to get the pain to stop.  If that doesn't work, then it's on to the specialist's office to talk about more x-rays, MRIs, and, I'm sure, cortisone shots (which I keep declining). 

I wonder if I can get Keith, massage and pilates reformer training covered by my insurance?  Hmmmmm....  Probably not.  :-/

So there ya go.  I thought I was going to have an awesome blog today about how I was a star pole student and was back in the saddle.  But I'm still a struggling Twirly Girl trying to find her way in life.  Rob and I leave for Hawaii next Wednesday so it will be a couple of weeks before I make it to class again.  I do have a couple of Jamilla DVDs, so I need to practice my pole at home.  But I WILL do tricks some day.  It's not a matter of if, just when. 


  1. Pilates Reformer would be great for you! -- Marilyn

  2. hahaha!

    Here is my yahoo horoscope today:

    It's all about yoga, or tai chi or Pilates -- in other words, you're ready to scrap the usual gym routine for a regimen that exercises your body and your mind. The change of pace will definitely benefit all areas of your life, as you'll not only be inspired to exercise more, but you'll have tons of energy left over to tackle that top-to-bottom cleaning project and all those social plans that have been on the back burner recently.

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