Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I like to eat ice cream for dinner

Last night, I got home kind of late.  I helped a friend move after work and got home close to 8 (and normally I try to get in bed by 9 so I can go to the gym the next morning).  I also ran by the bank, then needed change so I went by 7-11, where I had to buy something to get said change.  They never like to just give you change, so I bought ice cream.  I had initially planned to have a protein shake for dinner.  But my ice cream called to me.  So I ate ice cream for dinner. 

Recently, I read some articles about whether it was better to have nothing for breakfast or have a donut.  They were expecting you to pick nothing, however the "correct" answer was the donut.  The thought process behind it is that it's better to have something sugary in your system in the morning than nothing at all.  Breakfast is definitely important.  I don't know that a donut would be the best choice for me -- or any other gastric bypass patient -- just because our bodies don't process sugar normally anymore.  But it got me thinking about nutrition versus calories.

So last night, should I have eaten my dinner in addition to my ice cream?  I was perfectly full and satisfied.  I am trying really hard to watch my calorie intake, however I also understand the importance of good nutrition.  But if, theoretically, I've spent 2,000 calories on eating junk food all day, should I force myself to eat something more nutritious?  I don't eat ice cream for dinner every day -- I couldn't even tell you the last time I ate ice cream for dinner.  But I am definitely a snacker/grazer.  And I am finding lately that sometimes I will snack all morning at work and not be hungry at lunch.  Should I eat my lunch just because it's lunch time?  Or should I just be satisfied with the calories I've eaten and save my lunch for another day? 

Just curious what everyone else thinks!

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