Friday, October 22, 2010

I sweat like a pig...

Where does that saying even come from?  Have you ever seen a sweaty pig?  I know I FEEL like a big, fat pig when I sweat.  For whatever reason, I associate sweating with being fat.  I have always been a sweaty kid.  I remember going to see bands play, and my hair would be DRENCHED with sweat (I mostly sweat from my head).  Even if I wasn't moving or doing anything.  When I was overweight, I couldn't wait to lose the weight because I thought the sweating would suddenly stop.  It didn't.  My mom said when I was a kid, she'd always be cold, so she'd wrap me up in blankets and she'd look back at me and I'd have beads of sweat forming on my nose. 

So I guess nothing has changed.  Fat or "skinnier," I sweat.  Now I'm on a medication that makes me sweat more.  And it makes me feel fat.  Even though I've been sweaty my whole life, I still associate sweating with being a fatty.  It's embarrassing.  People must think I'm always running a fever or maybe I just got done running a half marathon (RIGHT!  HAHAHA!!!).  Nope, just feeling a little warm (if I'm already like this, I don't even want to know what menopause is going to feel like).  It's like my body has a hard time regulating itself (and I've had my thyroid's fine).  Because then I'll get freezing cold because I have wet hair.  I just can't win. 

I sweat when I get out of the shower and I'm trying to get dressed and put on makeup (on most work days, I no longer bother drying my hair or putting on makeup anymore).  When I'm working out.  I sweat when it's just vaguely warm outside.  I POUR sweat when it's humid (Texas and Hawaii were fun trips this year).  I constantly have a waterfall coming down my face.  I hate it. 

The one positive thing is that it keeps my skin pretty clear.  But I still hate sweating.  I've heard there are prescriptions to help you sweat less.  But I believe they are like roll-on deodorant sticks.  And, what am I going to do?  Roll-on all over my head?  That seems stupid.  So I guess I'll continue to bring my little battery operated fans and make sure I have AC available more often than not because  I don't see any other simple solutions to this little (big, fat, sweaty) problem.


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  2. HEY, I just found your blog by accident. And, man can I relate! I have pretty much the same story, but I did already go through surgical menopause.I really don't sweat any more or less since then. I was an RN all of my working life II had to retire early due to a broken back). Because I"ve had arthritis all my life, I had to take a REALLY HOT BATH every morning before going off to work, By the time I arrived I was soaked in sweat. And although people saw me do this for years, they always worried. I, too never had acne or facial blemishes. And, as long as you don't lose too many electrolytes, it's not bad for you. It helps regulate
    your blood pressure. I had the gastric bypass surgery, too, although I am still over weight. I lost 70 lbs and then just leveled off. However, 70 lbs is 70lbs! And I still sweat as much! Good luck with your blog. I'm hoping to start one but don't know a thing about it! Instead of researching, I find myself lost in a word document writing a blog. I'm just a backwards weeble! Happy Holidays!

    Mary Mc

  3. Mary, I attempted to e-mail you but it was bounced back. Congratulations on the weight loss! Where do you live??

    Anyway, I don't even want to know what menopause is going to feel like. I already feel hot and crazy!! ;-)