Friday, December 3, 2010


Rita's birthday is coming up and the FEVER! girls have been hard at work learning the dance choreographed by Andrea.  I don't know about the other girls, but I am having a blast. 

On one hand, I'm super excited.  This is totally NOT my style of dance, although I'd LOVE to learn how to be more classical.  It's so pretty to watch the ladies who can ebb and flow with the tides of the ocean.  I am usually loud and raucous.  Seemingly trying to destroy the world.  

On the other hand, I hate watching the practice videos.  I hate how I walk.  What I do with my hands.  How I throw my tie around.  But I have time to fix all of that.  I think mostly I hate how I look like Shrek next to everyone else.  I'm stomping around like an ogre while the other ladies are gracefully floating like dainty pixies.  There is a point where I get up from the ground by turning over and doing a v-split with  my legs.  Man, in the moment, I am like, I am almost doing REAL splits!!  On the video, it looks like my legs are barely open.  :-/ 

Our initial performance will take place at Rita's birthday party next weekend.  The next official performance will be at the Lovely Rita fundraiser in April.  So I have a goal to continue practicing my flowy-ness and lose some damn weight.  I have been using a new app on my iPhone that helps me track my food and I'm down four pounds so far.  If I can just lose 1 pound a week between now and the fundraiser, I'll have lost the majority of what I want to lose. 

Here's to the next week of practice for the FEVER! girls and then a happy performance.  Happy early birthday, Miss Rita!  You are amazing and you deserve to celebrate!

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  1. Miss Lori,
    You are lovely. FYI: I too feel like the goof ball, double chinned graceless person and am scared to do this, but I know that I and you will be proud of ourselves in the end