Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My friend, Andrew, has been inviting me to drag shows for almost a year now.  Although I had an interest in going, they were on week nights and I was really trying hard to get back into the early morning gym routine.  About six months ago, I finally made it out to WPLJ's in Walnut Creek for the Main Drag on a Thursday night.  Oh wow.  It was like nothing I had ever witnessed before.  Men dressed up as women (and a lot of them looking way better than me) lip syncing to songs while people threw dollars at them. 

Then SHE came out to perform.  I couldn't even tell you what it was about her that I immediately loved.  Her song was awesome and hilarious (something about an 8-mile wide vagina).  She was tall, beautiful and had amazing legs.  She knew her words and wore really pretty clothes.  It wasn't what she looked like or what she sang anyway.  I knew I loved her as soon as I saw her. 

Stephanie Nicole le Dream.

I had never met a real live drag queen before.  After the show, I introduced myself and told her she was my favorite.  As is my normal course of business, I took lots of photos and videos, since my camera is never far.  I uploaded them to Facebook and added Stephanie as a friend.  Turns out that in real life, Stephanie is Jimmy.  And Jimmy's mom was my nephew's teacher.  Small world.  When my sisters and I rode horses in the Brentwood Holiday Parade as the Disney princesses a few years ago...Kati was wearing one of Jimmy's dresses!  Totally small world.

So now I am immersed in the drag queen world.  I am having so much fun.  I also go to Club 1220 in Walnut Creek and watch Holotta's Un-BOYlievable Drag Show on Sundays.  Jimmy and Miguel came to Twirly Girls and posed in our calendar with the Men of Twirly Girls.  They also came back as Stephanie and Vicodonia to perform for Rita's birthday.  They are really good, nice people and I am extremely happy that I finally went to that show!  Now I have a whole new set of people to call friends:  Stephanie (Jimmy).  Brynn.  Judy (Jimmy's mom).  Vicodonia (Miguel) and Michael.  Holotta Tymes (Dale) and Robert.  Bobbi Pinn (Jeffrey).  Saki (Brian).  Mahlae.  

I had made a goal (since I don't set resolutions) to volunteer more of my time in the new year.  I had been looking at the Bay Area Crisis Nursery, but Jimmy works at the Rainbow Community Center, so I think I will start by seeing if there is something I can do for them.  That way, I can kind of have my cake and eat it too because I love the time that I spend with Jimmy.  He is so kind and positive and I want to repay him for the joy he brings to my life.

So, here is a video of a recent Stephanie performance (and check out my YouTube page for videos of ALL of the ladies --  So funny.  I love this stuff!


  1. Hola Chica! I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!

  2. Here's my first draft:

    My ode to a drag queen

    The lights were dim
    ...The curtains were closed
    The excitement around me started to grow
    The chattering stopped
    The music began
    It was finally time to start this show!

    I spent the next hour
    Completely in awe
    The hair, the make-up, the colorful clothes
    They danced and they sang
    They made us all laugh
    With props and their faces and striking a pose

    It was at that moment
    I looked at the stage
    And that was when I saw her there
    Her legs went for days
    Her outfit pristine
    She certainly won't be mistaken for a bear

    The show was now over
    The lights starting to fade
    I see the dollar bills have all been stacked
    The wigs will be peeled off
    The faces scrubbed clean
    The trunks full of clothes will have to be packed

    I go tell my favorite
    How much I adored her
    And how I couldn't quite believe everything I had seen
    We laughed and we hugged
    We made future plans
    And this was how I came to love a drag queen!