Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How do you create a brand?

Who was Gloria Vanderbilt before she was a queen of jeans in the 1980's?  Do you remember what the Jolly Green Giant sells?  What was a "Nike" before it was shoes anyway?

How do you CREATE a brand?  How do you get people to NEED to buy whatever you are selling?  Whether it's clothes or food or even a service provided....how do you get people to see a product and think of your name? 

For example...what is a lolorashel?  How can I make myself a brand?  I don't know what I'd sell.  Poles?  Party planning?  Fundraising?  Nutrition services?  Clothing?  Fitness counseling?  Who knows?!  But whatever it is, how do I make people want me?

For those who have asked, lolorashel is just my name.  My first name is Lori.  Since I was a kid, when other kids couldn't say their R's, my nickname was Lolo.  My middle name is Rachel.  No, it's not pronounced "Rachel."  It's pronounced "Rachelle."  My mom liked how Rachel looked but how Rachelle sounded.  So began a lifetime of explaining to people, I know it looks like Rachel but my middle name is "Rachelle."  Ten years ago, I met my friend Rashel.  What a cool spelling!  And lolorashel was born. 

I use it for various log-ins and accounts.  It is, of course, my blog name.  I have a comcast account.  I use it on twitter and youtube.  I feel like I'm building a little bit of a lolorashel empire. 

So I am creating my very own brand!  I still don't know what I'm going to sell but when I figure it out, I sure hope you're buying!


  1. You are SO creative & I'd definitely buy ;) You know, this post really made me think. Lately I've been in a rut. Another rut, should I say...the rut I usually get into, lol. I've been lazing around in my stupid sweat pants, still unemployed & feeling a little distant from my boyfriend. Nothing serious, although I do naively allow myself to create a million different scenerios, some of which make it seem serious. Basically its time to re-invent myself, yet again & your blog really hit home. How can I "brand", or should I say "re-brand" myself?! Companies do this all the time to spark a new interest, or maintain interest in their products, which is what I feel I need to do with myself :) I like the way your blog changed my thinking. It's not the end of the world, its simply time to "re-brand"! ;)

  2. Yes!!!!! Let's pick your new brand name!!! You can be something like HeYo. lol!! HEY-YO! I think a lot of times when I'm suffering from depression and I let myself spiral downward, it's less about the stuff that's happening to me and more about my expectations from life and myself. I think it might help you to focus on something...like re-branding yourself. Even though it's hard to find a job right now, maybe you can find somewhere to volunteer, get out and start making yourself a force to be reckoned with!!!