Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I beat the odds...

Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. 

I hate statistics.  It seems like no matter what your agenda, you can find some statistic spun in the right way to back you up.  You hear that the "average American" gains 15 pounds over the holidays.  Sometimes you hear 8 pounds.  Sometimes higher.  Sometimes lower.  But you also hear what the "average American" gains over a year in general and it's usually lower than that.  I mean, if every American is gaining even 10 plus pounds every holiday season, we'd all be 500 pounds by now, right?

I guess that's where the multi-billion dollar diet industry comes in.  You gain your 5-50 pounds over the holidays and then spend an ungodly amount of money to take it back off over the next eleven months...only to do it all over again.  Except that most statistics will tell you that the diet industry is failing miserably and that most people don't end up losing weight permanently.  Americans are getting fatter and fatter.

Who cares?  I refuse to be the average American.  Or a statistic, for that matter (does that then make me a statistic?).  See, because another statistic will tell you that a good portion of gastric bypass patients gain their weight back.  Although I am definitely battling some weight gain, I refuse to let it win.  In November, I set a goal to lose 35 pounds.  I started using the Tap & Track app for my iPhone.  I track what I eat and my exercise.  I've actually lost 8 pounds this holiday!  And I only have 27 pounds to reach my goal.  I still hope to have lost that by April.  I need to be able to invert on the pole!

I started the Couch to 5k program yesterday.  It was pretty easy (duh, it's only day one).  Five minute warm-up.  Run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds for 20 minutes.  Five minute cool down.  Easy enough, although it was a reminder that I AM NOT A RUNNER.  I felt like an elephant pounding on the treadmill.  No matter how lightly I attempted to land, I just couldn't.  I am not light or airy, nor do I float like a butterfly (or sting like a bee, for that matter).  I wore an expensive sports bra but the girls were threatening to give me a black eye.  It killed my back but my back problems are part of why I need to take it up a notch and lose some weight.

On Monday, I did a boot camp through Sports Basement.  It was mostly P90X movements.  Not a mind-blowing workout but still decent and I'll probably finish the next six week series.  I also bought a Groupon to Forma Gym in Walnut Creek.  Twenty sessions of their classes, including yoga and pilates.  When that is done, I'll start pilates training at The Absolute Center in Lafayette.

I have a plan and I'm sticking with it!  I hate setting resolutions so my GOAL is to lose my weight and get healthy again!

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