Monday, January 31, 2011

There is a fine line between dreams and nightmares

Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.  ~ Napoleon Hill

If that is the case, I have a really screwed up future ahead of me...

I dream every single night.  And I remember a lot of what I dream.  I am sure it's because I toss and turn a lot at night and I wake up constantly (no wonder I'm exhausted all the time).  I've always heard you only remember your dreams if you wake up in the middle of them.  So for those who think they don't dream, they probably just sleep better than I do. 

People always tell me I should look my dreams up in dream dictionaries.  I can't really believe that certain items, colors or figures in dreams concretely mean something else in the real world.  Rob took a dream class in psychology.  They were taught to keep dream journals to see if your dreams over a period of time might have similar themes and feelings attached to them...basically looking at the bigger picture rather than each dream individually.

So, last week, I started my dream journal.  I am finding that I must be easily influenced by things.  Every single night, anyone that texted me close to bedtime made an appearance in my dreams (like Brynn and karaoke last Wednesday).  Last night, an item that was in a TV show I watched right before bed was in my dream (black widow spiders...ewwwwwww). 

I dream about all kinds of crazy things.  Sometimes they are adventure dreams.  Sometimes it's just about going to the store to pick up vitamin water.  I don't need to run errands in my dreams!  If I can't afford to go to expensive beach destinations, I want to be dreaming about that!

Here is one of my dreams from last week:

Sat. 1/29/2011:  Last night I dreamed about visiting Thailand. My Aunt Janet (who lives there) dropped me off at a Safeway (as if Thailand has Safeways) and told me she would meet me at the end by checkout. The store meandered. Lots of turns. Some people spoke English. Some didn't. At the end, when you checked out, you put your food on a conveyor belt but it was super complicated. Going up and down and around. But you were also standing on one so you were doing the same thing. At some point, it turned into a water park. You kind of sat on a conveyor belt to get to the top. At one point, you were dodging snakes. The couple in front of me were a fat older white couple. When we got to the end, the man sang a country song. He was really good. I went again. A girl was scared so I was carrying her on my back. There was a stopping point in the middle of the water slides. You would make some kind of craft before going on the ride. Andrew was working there. I finished the water slides and this time a young white kid sang. But people made fun of him and he ran away crying. I sat with his mom and brother because I felt bad for him and wanted to tell him he was brave for trying. I left the water slides and it was night. I was walking across the street and a silver car came racing down the street. It did a slide stop right in front of me. Two Asian guys started to get out. I was scared. I couldn't decide if I should run to my truck or back to the front door of the water slides. Then I woke up.

Somewhere in the dream, I was walking through a parking lot taking to Andrew. He was riding a cart or something, carrying his crafts. I felt like I was walking toward the water park but I'm not sure. I can't even place where it happened in the dream.

I also remember parking my truck in an inside garage. I had the feeling I was still in Thailand. But I was seeing mostly white people around me. The fat older white couple with the singing husband parked around me so I assume this was at the water park but I don't know. My mom was with me and we went into a room like a PO Box room to get mail. She wanted to go do fun stuff but I wanted to put the mail in my truck. I felt irritated.  I don't remember what happened next and she wasn't there in my dream at the water park.

There was also a part of the dream where people were on a conveyor belt like at the water slides. And there was a conveyor belt for dogs. But I thought Asian people don't care about dogs as much as Americans do so I felt like the dogs were being sent to their death. I saw my sister's dog, Timber and I called him to come to me. He did. I don't remember anymore.

I also vaguely remember a second or probably first, earlier dream. Just bits and pieces. Vacation. Beaches. Sun. Sand. Waves. I think Vanessa was there. I remember a row of doors like a hotel but I felt like it was something else. A cruise ship? I don't remember much from this one. I feel like we were flying or hiking really high up and looking down at pretty beaches. That's about all I remember.

(I got a couple of texts from Andrew right before bed.)


So all you dream watchers...analyze that!!!!


  1. Ummmm... Your very concerned and care about the people and animals in your life. Either that or you are crazy. But we love you just the way you are.

  2. And I think Safeway has a crappy set up?? LOL! Oh I know I'm nuts... I've stopped trying to hide that from people. Might as well know what you're getting from the get-go!

  3. Craziness!!! I tend to remember a lot of my dreams, but like you, only when I get a crappy nights sleep, tossing and turning. I've tried figuring some of them out, but in the end, it all comes down to being too busy in our day to deal with the things that are in the back of our minds. Lately I've been starting out the nights having horrible "dreams" where something is happening to me or my daughter and I am trying to save us, or at least her. I'm usually only nodding-off when these happen, so I usually just wake up, get a glass of water and call a "do-over!" Over the years I've had some pretty weird ones... Even one where I "met" a person in my dream that I never knew before I dreamed them. I know I've had dreams multiple times over the years. I couldn't tell you that I remember them now, but I know I had a dream as a little kid, and then as a teenager, and knowing that I had the same dream when I had it later. Dreams are strange, and they are a lot of work. I almost envy the people that don't have them or remember them... Perhaps we are using a bit more of our brains than the "standard" and it is just an extra "sense" that our mind is using trying to tell us something? Perhaps it is our body and mind collaborating against us trying to tell us to SLOW DOWN!!! Do you know/remember if you are dreaming in color or black and white? I've heard that makes a bit of difference. Mine are usually full-on technicolor, or sometimes perhaps a bit "sepia-ish" and I range the gamut in what happens. I've drown, been shot, fallen off of things, very rarely do I get the "good" ones!!!