Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This lady is a tramp...

I have been told I'm not very ladylike a time or two...or ten.  I go in and out of phases of trying to be more ladylike.  But that's not me.  Rob recently said he thought it was funny that I put out a lot of stuff that some people could construe as me trying to look like a whore, but that I'm really not.  It's like when I get silly around drunk people, even though I haven't had anything to drink.  Who cares -- I'm just having fun! 

I'm sure the 8 inch hooker heels, photos on the pole and cleavage shots can give people the wrong impression.  You just can't control other people judging you.  So I just choose to not care (or at least try not to let haters get to me).  Yeah, I say the f-word on occasion.  It really helps make your point sometimes.  I do drink sometimes.  Not often, it's not helpful in the weight loss sector of my life, but I don't look down on people for wanting to let loose.

So, my recent attempt to be more of a lady is kind of a big fail.  I think I'll just continue being me.  And I like having fun with my friends and acting crazy.  When I die, no one will ever be able to say that I missed out on living, that's for sure!


  1. From Rita:


    It's getting more and more difficult to identify a classy woman these days because society is losing its moral fiber daily and people are accepting it as "This is how it is these days." Guess what? Wrong. There is a way to identify which lady is accepting the status quo and which lady is that classy lady who is heads and heels above the rest.


    There is no classier woman than a woman who spends time with herself for grooming purposes. Look at a lady from head to toe. Her hair should look like it's been brushed and styled. It should not look like she just got out of bed or have been lying around on the couch all day (like some untalented stylists have lead some women to believe).

    Look at the hands. They should be clean and groomed. The nails can be short or long. They can be polished or unpolished. The polish should not be chipping off.

    Look at the feet, if they are exposed. They should be clean and smooth. There should not be the appearance of a light "pie crust" around the feet. The nails should be short. They can be polished or unpolished. The polish should not be chipping off.

    The lady should have a smooth and flowing gait. They should not walk hunched over. They should not drag and slide their feet. Their head should be up and not starring down. Their arms should be close to their body as they walk.

    A classy woman will always leave you with the impression of "I wonder what...". However, if a woman has a nice body and she feels she has to practically be undressed to make sure you see her (The ole if you got it flaunt it mentality), not only is she not classy, she is insecure. This is evident by the fact that when she goes to meet your mother, she tries to dress like a librarian.

    A classy woman will always leave the privilege of seeing her assets to the special man in her life. You must ask yourself, does a woman have to advertise to every man on the planet what her body looks like? If so, is there anything special she's reserving for the special man in her life to see?

    Look for confidence in a classy woman. They make men wonder. They treat themselves as if they are royalty. A classy woman understands that if she doesn't treat herself as if she's special, she shouldn't expect a man to treat her as if she's special.

  2. Growing up, I never wanted to be a "woman" I always wanted to grow up to be a lady... I do have some things to work on. I guess I was more of a lady in my teenage years, how funny!!!

  3. And I still call myself a girl. lol!!!