Monday, February 28, 2011

Twirly Girls pin-ups!

I was wandering around San Francisco awhile back and saw an advertisement for Bombshell Betty's pin-up workshop.  The date they would be in San Francisco wouldn't work for me, so I thought, hey I bet we can do that at Twirly Girls!

And so the Twirly Girls pin-up photoshoot was born.  I asked Andrew of Liquidpulp Photography to do the photos.  He recruited Cat and Priscilla to do hair and make-up.  And away we went!  Some ladies went classic pin-up.  Some went boudoir.  Some were in between.  They all looked amazing and gorgeous.  A lot of the photos I have are just taken with Bel's point and shoot camera as not all of Andrew's photos are ready.  So you can only imagine how much more amazing the finished product will look. 

There have been two photoshoots so far -- ten girls, not including me, the camera whore who jumps in front of Andrew's camera every chance I get.  Some of the girls have graciously shared their photos with Twirly Girls, so I thought I would post some pictures.  If anyone is interested, we can set up a third shoot!

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