Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Buff chicks are cool

So almost exactly a year ago, I wrote about how important cardio is for losing weight.  However, I already knew then, and still know now, that lifting weights is also very important for losing weight.  Cardio is important because it strengthens your heart, but lifting weights turns your fat into muscle, thereby actually helping your body turn into a fat burning machine. 

However, I haven't spent a lot of time lifting weights this year.  I have increased my yoga, which is still great for building strength, but today I am re-committing to lifting weights along with my other workouts.  I know women especially get nervous about strength training.  They don't want to look super buff and weird like that Chyna-doll wrestling chick.  But the truth is...without steriods and 8 hour days in the gym, we won't look anything like that. I know for myself, I lean out when I lift weight.  I don't get crazy buff...well, other than the fact that my traps are starting to look like a dude's with the handstands I've been doing.  Hmm.... 

Check out this Livestrong article about women lifting weights to lose weight

Another article from

The long and short of it...women need to lift weight to  maintain strength, especially once we get into our 40's and beyond.  So, in addition to the two to three days of yoga that I am doing, I am going to add two days of 20-minute weight lifting sessions into my workouts. 

I had my first weigh-in with Jenny on Monday.  I lost a pound and a half.  I'm sure that might not be impressive to most people but this is a PMS week and I almost NEVER lose weight on a PMS week.  :-D

Until next time...keep lifting!!

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