Monday, March 21, 2011

Couch to 5k and the stiletto incident

So, by now, I should be finished with Couch to 5k.  I was doing REALLY well.  I was running 25 minutes straight without stopping (week 7).  Yeah, I might only be running 4.5 miles an hour but I was still technically running (or maybe jogging...whatever!). 

Here is my first blog about C25K.

Here's my update at six weeks in

The program is nine weeks long.  My six week update was awhile why am I not finished?

I will call it the "stiletto incident."  A few weeks ago, I bought the most adorable red heels.  I wanted to wear them to the drag show that weekend.  Rob suggested that I practice walking in them before I try to run around in public in them.  Good call.  I took two steps into the kitchen, my ankles wobbled and I fell straight on to my back. 

At first, it seemed like no big deal, but as the night wore on, I felt stiff and sore.  The entire left side of my body was hurting -- from my SINUS down to my ankle.  I made an appointment to see Keith from Tri-Valley Bodyworks the next week.  I destroy myself constantly and he's always able to fix me up.  Usually, he does two, maybe three adjustments.  I think this time, he did six or seven.  He adjusted me from my neck to my hips.  I left feeling pretty good.  The pain from the fall seemed to go away, but my old injury -- the left side of my lower back and hip -- continued hurting.  Plus, it seemed like my sciatic nerve was being pinched because my knee hurt too.  So, I went again.  This time, Keith said my spine seemed okay, and that it seemed that it was all soft tissue.  He dug into my hip (got an awesome bruise on my butt to show for it) and turned me into a pretzel and then back into a person.  I left feeling okay again.  Over the weekend, I was still in a lot of pain.  Every time I stand up, it feels like a bone in my lower back gets stuck on "something."  I can wiggle around and hear a pop and the pressure goes away.  But it happens again a few minutes later.  Keith re-adjusted me this morning.  I was able to reach down and touch my toes without pain again, so I am hoping this time, it's fixed for good.  :-) 

Anyway, that whole sob story was to explain why I haven't finished Couch to 5k.  I fully intended to start back up this week, and also realize I may not be able to jump right back into running for 25 minutes straight.  But I sure will check it out and give it a try.  Once I do finish the program -- which means I am running for 30 minutes straight -- I will start Bridge to 10k.  Not sure I actually need or want to run an entire 10k.  But the first week has you running for 10 minute stretches, and I think I am going to use those intervals to speed up.  I want to eventually run a 10 minute mile -- so 6 miles an hour.  Once I work up to that...THEN maybe I'll feel a desire to run a 10k.  Or maybe I won't.  :-) 

Just for fun, here are some pics of the evil shoes that almost killed me.  I am going to practice walking in them when I have something to hold on to -- and not until I'm better.  I did use them at the photoshoot a couple of weeks ago, but I just put them on when I was ready to wear them.  I didn't try to walk in them.

Here's hoping this is my last week of being injured.  I can't take this much time off.  I'm a lazy ass and it only takes me a week or two off to decide I don't like the gym anymore!! 


  1. They are very hot shoes. -RP

  2. at least your shoes are pretty!! so i started the c25k app yesterday and ive done two runs so far. it's hard work but im determined to get there. i know im already going to download bridge to 10k after im done. i hope you manage to get back on track =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. lol! Thanks! I call them my photo shoes now!! :-D

    Congrats on starting the program. I look forward to hearing about your progress!! I am taking tomorrow off since I just had an adjustment today. I hope to make it to spin/cycle on Wednesday, then I'll try to jog a bit on Thursday. I expect to be back up to full speed by Monday!!

  4. I told you I'd be back. I read your blog at work on my cell phone, so I had to come back when I could really check it out and leave a comment more easily.

    I've been blogging for 6 years (HOLY CRAP, really???) but recently sort of went through a metamorphosis in my blogging in that I am getting healthy and I am blogging about that more than anything. I even went from calling my blog Shelli's Sentiments to Shrinking Shelli. I'm really working hard at trying to change my life into something more enjoyable because I'm healthy and, I'm not going to lie, thinner. I'd like to add you to my Live-it Blogs blogroll.

    Thanks for Tweeting me today!

  5. Shelli, six years?! That's awesome! I'm barely a year in. But I am enjoying it. Very cathartic. I will find your blog and follow it. I'd love to be on your blogroll! :-D