Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Am Seven

Well, I'd really like to be Six.  Did you see that movie, I Am Number Four.  Holy hell, that chick is hot!!

But today is the seventh anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery.  So, I call St. Patrick's Day my NEW-BIRTHDAY!  Call it my un-birthday!  My re-birth.  Call it whatever you want!  Conveniently, its almost six months from my real birthday so I can keep the fun going year 'round! 
Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I initially lost 165 pounds (woohoo!!) and I'm still dealing with losing weight (again) after a recent gain (BOOOO!!!!).  But I'm still down 125 pounds!  I consider myself a success story.  A struggling success story, but a success story nonetheless. 

One year ago today, I wrote this blog about my sixth new-birthday:  Read it here.  I guess not much has changed.  Another year has passed.  I'm still being lazy and trying to lose the weight I gained last year.  I've lost it before and I'll lose it again.  I'm just doing it on my terms -- S.L.O.W.L.Y.  I had my second weigh-in with Jenny.  I only lost a 0.2 pounds.  However, I did hurt my back a week and a half ago and haven't been exercising so I think that even staying the same was a win. 

I've now been blogging for a full year.  Here's a list of my gastric bypass or weight related posts.  

Me on the Weight Loss Surgery group's Facebook page:


This is a quote from my friend Heidi (can be found on my blog):

My mom thinks that every seven years we go through a major life change. Perhaps you are on the cusp of yours? There has never been any pattern to mine, like at seven I started having a better year than at eight, or fourteen, but I think it takes us so long sometimes to see what we are doing, that might be how long it takes us to re-evaluate our path. Every 7th year (for me) I try to look at where I am, what I'm doing, and make a conscious decision to work towards a goal, pay a bill, complete a project, whatever. I know that at fourteen I was the happiest I had ever been, the thinnest I had felt, I was starting High School in a city where no one knew me, it was a whole new me. At twenty, I went through a bit of depression, and decided at 21 that it was time to revamp myself. It wasn't until I was almost 28 that my mom told me about this seven-year thing. I decided I look forward to my every-seven-year re-vamp! When things start getting crappy I think, "hmmm, what will next 'season's' Heidi be?" I am always the same, but always changing. That's the greatest part about being human!!! There is always a part of us that stays the same, but we have the power to make ourselves "different" just by thinking it!!!


So here is a rundown of my seasons!

Season One:

Episode 0 (first year - 1976):  I hear I walked at nine months old. 
Episode 1 - 1977: 
Episode 2 - 1978: 
Episode 3 - 1979:  This is the year a neighbor's visiting family's dog grabbed me by the head in my neighbor's backyard and tried to shake me to death.  Ten stitches in my head.  I still remember my mom's knees giving out when I ran home and she saw all the blood.  And I remember the awesome 70's striped t-shirt I was wearing. 
Episode 4 - 1980:  Brother, Brad was born.
Episode 5 - 1981: 
Episode 6 - 1982:  Sister, Kati was born.

Season Two:

Episode 7 - 1983:
Episode 8 - 1984:  Got baptized into the Mormon church.
Episode 9 - 1985:  Brother, Mark was born.
Episode 10 - 1986: 
Episode 11 - 1987: 
Episode 12 - 1988:  My parents split.  Somewhere between this year and next, I went snow skiing with my aunt and uncle, fell and broke my collarbone.  My family said when the first aid people told me my shoulderblade might be shattered, I turned white. 
Episode 13 - 1989:  I got my period in 7th grade...somewhere between age 12 and 13.  During a school play.  At least I was wearing brown pants -- my grandpa's which I had borrowed for the play.  Not sure why I remember this.  But clearly it is noteworthy since I do remember it this many years later. 

Season Three:

Episode 14 - 1990:  I have an awesome photo from this year.  My clothes...ugh.  Who let me leave the house like that?  I loved New Kids on the Block and got to see them in concert a few times.
Episode 15 - 1991:  Stopped going to church.  Moved in with my Dad and to Discovery Bay.
Episode 16 - 1992:  Got my license.  Met my first long-term boyfriend, Mark. 
Episode 17 - 1993:  Little sister, Lindsey was born.
Episode 18 - 1994:  Little brother, Eric was born.  Graduated high school.  
Episode 19 - 1995:  Started working as a file clerk in the legal field.
Episode 20 - 1996:  Got my AA in Liberal Arts from LMC in Pittsburg.

Season Four:

Episode 21 - 1997:  Took phen fen and lost a lot of weight.  Moved out on my own -- to a townhouse in Pittsburg with Mark. 
Episode 22 - 1998:  Got my paralegal certificate from Cal State Hayward.
Episode 23 - 1999:  Mark and I split (after six years).  I stayed at the Pittsburg townhouse with roommates. 
Episode 24 - 2000:  Met the band, Sunburn, and began my love affair with live music.   
Episode 25 - 2001:  Met the band, Koi, and continued the late nights and fun.  Started working at a law firm in Alameda.
Episode 26 - 2002:  Moved to Pleasant Hill. Moved to San Ramon.
Episode 27 - 2003:  Moved to Walnut Creek.  Started working at a law firm in Walnut Creek. 

Season Five:

Episode 28 - 2004:  Had gastric bypass surgery.  Met Russ.  Bought my condo and moved to Concord.
Episode 29 - 2005:  Left larger firm to work for my boss at his own firm.
Episode 30 - 2006:  Had plastic surgeries.
Episode 31 - 2007:  Decided it was time to get back into shape.  Joined group training at Bally and met awesome people like AJ and John.
Episode 32 - 2008:  Office went virtual -- got to work from home for a year.  Russ and I split (after 4-1/2 years).
Episode 33 - 2009:  Met Rob.  Moved to Clayton.  Started commuting to Alameda four days a week for work.
Episode 34 - 2010:  Rob and I moved in together -- in Walnut Creek.

Season Six:

Episode 35 - 2011:  (I turn 35 on August 31, 2011.)

So what will my next season hold?  Not sure but I'm ready for it!

Here's to another successful year...losing the 30 pounds, yet learning to be happy with me, no matter what I weigh...and not letting other people's drama take over my life.


  1. OMG, I LOVE the Seasons idea!! Got me thinking about my own "show"...Hmmm...What would my seasons entail? I'm gonna try to work on it and see what happens!

    This post is so UNIQUE Lori! Thank you SO much for sharing!!

  2. Thanks!! I have to credit Heidi with planting the seed. :-) I need to fill in a few holes still. And have still been thinking about what my next season will be like!! :-D I can't wait to read about your episodes!