Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review of Dew Point Pole: light and medium formulas

I have been on the hunt for products to help my slippery ass stick to the pole.  This winter has been especially tough.  With the heater running in Twirly Girls, I can't stick to save my life.  I am finding that some of the more traditional products don't work at all or cause me to stick too well and cause a God-awful SQUEAK. 

I was recently turned on to Dew Point Pole.  They have three different formulas:  light, medium, and ultra.

Last night at Twirly Girls, I tried the light and medium formulas.  The light didn't do much for me...although, in its defense, I might not have given it enough time to dry.  I liked the medium formula.  I felt like it needed a few minutes to actually dry and get a little tacky.  And, unfortunately, I was never able to stick to the pole under the AC/heater vent -- which has been a problem for me all winter -- but I think that's been a problem for other people too.  The product sprays on clear and made me feel like I had some grip without making the squeaky noise. 

I would describe myself as an intermediate pole dancer.  I am tall and heavy (6 feet, 230 pounds), so I am not doing a lot of the acrobatics that other pole dancers might be doing at a year and a half into pole dancing.  I am still working on losing weight and gaining strength.  

I hope to have some other dancers try it soon and give me their opinions soon.  I also plan to try out the ultra formula during the next class. 

I definitely feel like it's a product worth trying!


  1. Someone on Twitter did mention that Dew Point is actually for the body, not hands. But it worked ok on my hands.

  2. Oh yeah and they also mentioned its for dry body parts, not moist hands. But worked fine. Someone on Spark People also mentioned they use a spray on Secret deodorant on their hands too. I may try that.

  3. Who knew there was a need for such a product?! I learn so much from you.

    You're on SparkPeople? Look me up, I'm Shellimil there, too.

  4. Oh there are many, many products like this!! Watch and learn!! ;-) Have you ever tried pole fitness??

    I just added you on SparkPeople!

  5. I don't think that they have a pole fitness place anywhere around here. I'll be honest, though, I haven't looked. It does intrigue me, though.

    Thanks for adding me!

  6. You can check They are building a database of pole studios. :-D