Thursday, March 24, 2011

When I grow up, I wanna be a stripper

There has been a lot of talk lately about pole dancing/fitness versus stripping.  Some people are adamant that they are different, while others recognize the similar roots.  I am kind of on the "don't really care" boat.  I have said before if I had a better body and some rhythm, I'd be all for making some extra dough working the pole.

The stigma surrounding stripping has to do with the lifestyle that some strippers seem to get pulled into.  Drugs and prostitution...the dark, seedy, dirty clubs (setting aside the moral judgment that some people put on taking your clothes off for strangers).  Does that really happen to all strippers?  Can you just work the pole in a club, grab your dollars and go home?

I've heard amazing stories of girls bringing $1,000 a night by stripping.  They always say the pole dancers make the most money (as opposed to lap dancers or other dancers?  I've never actually been to as strip club so maybe it's time for an investigative trip!).  So, if you're really able to bring that kind of money in, what happens?  Do you get pulled into the lifestyle by taking drugs to stay awake, then turning to prostitution to make more money to buy drugs?  Do you get pulled into the prostitution to make more money, then turn to drugs to dull the pain of what you're doing to yourself?  I imagine that once you get used to having money like that, working the minimum wage jobs just don't cut it anymore.  Are you always chasing that dragon of making great money and feeling good?  Unfortunately, time is not our friend...we get older, our bodies sag long can someone actually keep a job like this and be successful?

I've heard women -- both strippers and prostitutes -- say that they feel empowered by what they do.  That they are in control of men when they are working.  That they are choosing to take their clothes off, so no one is taking advantage of them.  Do they really feel that way?  Or do they just say that to justify what they are doing?  If they are grown adults, why do they have to justify anything?

I am not writing this post to put anyone down -- not strippers, not prostitutes.  I am just wondering why there is the assumption that if you strip, you eventually turn to drugs and prostitution (again, not putting a moral judgment on prostitution really but it is illegal in California; also, I get that some women are forced into it and have nasty pimps abusing them and taking their, I'm only talking about women who, by choice are strippers and/or prostitutes)?  I imagine there are A LOT of women who have been able to strip without turning to other things.  If there are women out there who have experiences on any side of this, I'd love to hear it.  You can post anonymously. 


  1. I started dancing when I was under age because I left home,16 to be exact...but never got into the dark side of that world...I played by the rules,didn't get into drugs,not saying I never did drugs,but occasionaly smoked pot..I didn't strip or prostitute to support drug bils were always pd ontime and I always had money set aside...I have seen the girls that get sucked into the darkside,and I didn't want that life..I got pregnant when I was 19,and got a real job with insurance because I felt that it was the right thing to do for me..didn't want to be another statistic young stripper mom on welfare..after I had my child,I did go back to dancing on weekends while still working my day job to help supplement income,I didn't let the dad b involved,buit after 7 months back,I quit because I started dated someone who wanted me home..I am now married to him,13 yrs later..I am so happy to see women embrassing pole dancing..yes,strippers get a bad rap,with all due respect,it sadens me to say a lot of them live upto that stigma...a lot of strippers had a bad childhood,and I think that makes it easier for them to fall prey to the dark side...not saying that is always the case,I had a terrible childhood,just refused to surrender to drugs and prostitution...was not an option for me..anyways,I feel for those that are stuck in that dark side...I don't see anything wrong with stripping,obviously,but honestly feel that it is a job that should not become a lifetime is a hard job,mentally and physically...sorry if I rambled....

  2. So what do you think pull people into the dark side? Do you think that happens more often than not?? I am still trying to figure it all out. And congrats to you. Sounds like you used stripping to get what you need and then you got out! :-) Let's be moral judgment at all...physical jobs are hard on the body so you can't really expect to do it for your entire life!!