Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Pole Goal

In light of this past weekend's second annual Lovely Rita Fundraiser, I am setting a new pole goal...a year in advance.  (Tomorrow's blog will be all about how amazing the entire day and videos are on their way.)

I had set a goal to be able to invert by April, which I did twice -- before April even.  However, I am not strong enough to do it well, or without assistance.  In fact, I've stopped doing it because I know I need to be strong enough to do it myself in order to be safe about it.  Sure, I can turn upside down with some help and hold on like a little monkey.  But I'm at risk of falling on my banana head if I'm not careful (shout out to Andrew, another banana head!). 

Anyway, in the next year, I want to work on inverting so that I can invert during my routine for next year's Lovely Rita Fundraiser.  I am going to stay on track, lose weight and get stronger so I can do that!

See you next year...upside down!

Sneak peak:

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