Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review of Dew Point Pole: ultra formula

I recently reviewed Dew Point Pole's light and medium formulas.

After I posted it on Twitter, someone pointed out that its for the body, not the hands.  Well, we all know I'm not really doing much that requires my entire body to stick to the pole.  And it worked decently on my hands.  My hands aren't really sweaty.  They are just slippery as hell (I guess that means they ARE somewhat sweaty...just not enough for my palms to actually be wet).

I asked Dew Point on Facebook for their opinion.  Here is their response:
So someone said that Dew Point is only for the body...but it worked fine on my hands...what do you suggest?
Yesterday at 9:33am ·
    • Lori Myers By the way...will be checking out the ultra formula tonight. :-)
      Yesterday at 9:33am ·
    • Dew Point Great question! Most people have issues with their hands being too sweaty and Dew Point is not helpful for that. However, if your hands have the opposite problem, like Melissa in our video, than Dew Point is awesome for that. I hope that clears it up. If not please let me know =)
      14 hours ago ·
    • Lori Myers
      My hands aren't sweaty necessarily. I'm just a slippery bee. :-/

      But last week, medium worked for me. Even just on my hands. Someone else suggested using a spray antiperspirant. That didn't work. I was still slippery. Maybe I just need to lose weight and do a few push ups. :-D
      14 hours ago ·


      To view the video they mentioned, please see their website HERE.  

      Last night, I tried out Dew Point Ultra.  Again, I only used it on my hands.  But I also made the mistake of trying Sure spray antiperspirant on my hands first (someone had suggested trying Secret spray deodorant without moisturizers).  That just made me slippery.  Nothing seemed to fix it -- not even washing my hands.  So I can't blame Dew Point for not working properly.  
      I try so hard on pole days to make sure I am not slippery.  I shower with my special peppermint castile soap.  I don't put ANY lotion on my body.  I don't even put product in my hair because I sweat and then if I put my back on the pole and slide down, I grease it up.  However, there are still A LOT of reasons I might not be sticking.  I do need to use my psoriasis medicines, but I use an alcohol-based spray instead of the Vaseline type meds.  I put minimal lotion on my face and wash my hands thoroughly.  Maybe I'm just too heavy and my hands can't hold me up.  Maybe I am just a slippery bitch. 

      Gina, who is able to climb and invert effortlessly tried the light formula last night and said she really liked it.  So, it sounds like Dew Point medium will be my product of choice from this line for now.  But I will continue to test it out with different dancers, under different conditions.  I just like not having the ridiculous SQUEAK.  :-)


  1. hmmm... do you use a weekly coal tar treatment? My mom did for her psoriasis. I wouldnt expect that to make you slippery (dry maybe) but one never knows :)

  2. I haven't done coal tar since I was a kid. The doctor I see is a psoriasis specialist and he keeps me up to date on all the best meds...but most are still lotions or creams or vaseline-type things you put on your skin. The alcohol-based spray is fairly new and I was stoked to get that. But it definitely doesn't work as well as the others. When I'm not having a break out, I can use it though. I can use a good heavy lotion too. But again...doesn't help on the pole. lol! I need SUN. The sun kills it. I've been trying to be nice to my skin and I am more pasty than I've EVER been in my life...but my psoriasis is bad. So there has to be a good middle ground. Tan a little so my psoriasis goes away and my skin doesn't suffer TOO much. They have shots you can get but mine isn't bad enough for that. Salt water has been helping some spots on my face. So I am trying to soak in the bath to see if it helps my body.

  3. i am such a bad tan/sun person myself, i can totally relate. a former coworker of mine did the shots regularly, it helped him hugely but was very expensive. hmmm, oh yummy nice epsom salts or some other type of mineral baths daily are definitely worth a shot!

  4. I've been using sea salt. Apparently sea salt/rock salt and epsom salt are different things! Who knew?!