Thursday, April 7, 2011

Updated raffle prize list for the second annual Lovely Rita Fundraiser

Locking silver pole case donated by Bel Jeremiah of Twirly Girls Pole Fitness

Free class at Twirly Girls for up to 10 friends ($250 value)
One month of free pole for one ($120 value)

Mix It Up Marilyn Monroe Martini set donated by Bel Jeremiah

Twirly Girls clothing donated by Doug Korb of DK Designs
Doug's e-mail

Twisted Silver necklace and earrings ($130 value)

30 minute private hoop lesson with Sarah Starlight

One week free (meets three times per week) at Inspire Fitness Boot Camps

Gift basket from Mighty Grip ($47 value)

Sephora gift baskets donated through Isabel:
Sephora surprise basket (valued at approx. $100)
Beach gift basket, including Hawaiian wrap from Bel (valued at approx. $60)
Terralina skin care (valued at $120)
Cologne (valued at $60)

Baskets donated by Shelley Clark:
Sugar cones
Wild Cherry
Movie Popcorn

Wellness International product sample basket from Jenny Gain

Rouge mother-daughter make-over ($150 value)

Massimo's gift certificate ($50 value)

Three gift certificates from Bruce's Tire in Fremont (valued at $114.95, $52.22 and $73.08)
(510) 651-4701

60 minute performance coaching session with Jennifer of PoleSkivvies (valued at $49)

Hypnosis session with Gerri Levitas of Bay Healing ($150 value)

Handgun Safety Training and Range Day for two people with certified trainer, Joe Baptist (retired Air Force firearms instructor) (valued at $200)
(510) 708-2011

We still have four to five companies donating items and hope to pick them up and add them to the list this week.

We also want to thank:

The Real Karaoke Joe, who will be providing music for us on the date of the fundraiser ( 

Cake Queen, Michael Villa, who will be making a cake for us (underwater@sbcglobalnet).

And let's not forget the companies that helped fund the printing of our Lovely Rita calendar (we still have a few available for sale...only $10):

Physicians' Youthful Resolutions

Penninsula Women's Health

Tri-Valley Bodyworks

The Pole Dancing Shop

Douglas Korb, Remax

And thank you to Andrew of Liquidpulp Photography ( for taking the photos and Anh Thu Tran for doing make-up the day of the shoot.

Rita and I again would like to thank Bel of Twirly Girls Pole Fitness ( for being so generous with her time and studio!  We know she is a busy lady, but she always makes time for her Twirly Girls and we love her for that!

The Lovely Rita Fundraiser will be held at Twirly Girls in Pleasanton on Sunday, April 17th at 2:30 p.m. There will be a dance recital and raffle.  There is no cost to attend the recital.  Please come down and support your Twirly Girls.  Raffle tickets are on sale now.  Three tickets for $5.  Eight for $10.  Twenty for $20.  You can write your check directly to the National Kidney Foundation and they will send you a tax donation receipt.  The check will not be cashed until after May 7thTHE TWIRLY GIRL THAT SELLS THE MOST TICKETS GETS A MONTH OF FREE CLASSES, SO MAKE SURE YOU SELL, SELL SELL!

The recital is open to everyone -- including men. Some people have asked if they can bring children.  It is up to you. Although there is no nudity or stripping, we are still performing with poles, so it is at your discretion. I would say, mature children should be fine. :-)

Please come and support an awesome lady who has been blessed with three kidney transplants. All money raised will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation. Rita and I (along with many others) will be doing the Kidney Walk in San Francisco on Saturday, May 7th.