Monday, May 9, 2011

Metaphysical explanation for psoriasis

I've been pretty bummed that my psoriasis has been so ugly lately.  It's been taking over my face, which I hate.  I've been pretty lucky for most of my life -- it mostly grows on my elbows and knees.  My face and scalp have generally been spared.  I'd occasionally get a little spot or two on my face but it would usually clear pretty fast.  So, now, to be battling five or six red, red, red spots on my face (especially when I've gotten so lazy in the last six months and barely ever wear make-up anymore) really sucks.

I was talking to my friend Andrew about metaphysics.  I am VERY generally paraphrasing here, but we discussed how emotional trauma can cause physical symptoms. 

Here is an old post about my psoriasis:

Psoriasis (play /səˈr.əsɪs/) is a chronic autoimmune disease that appears on the skin. It occurs when the immune system sends out faulty signals that speed up the growth cycle of skin cells.

I looked up the metaphysical reason behind psoriasis.

Psoriasis:  Fear of being hurt.  Deadening the senses of the self.  Refusing to accept responsibility for your own feelings.

 You can call it witchcraft or bullshit, but it makes some sense.  I very possibly have spent a lifetime stuffing my emotions and now that manifests in a disease that gets worse with stress.  Hmmmm...

Andrew says, go back into your childhood when you came down with the disease, heal the hurt, and possibly heal the disease.

I have always remembered getting psoriasis when I was really 5.  My mom says it was between 12 and 14.  My dad says he remembers me being 10 or 11.  The one thing I DO know for sure, I definitely had it by the time I started PE in 7th grade (so around 12 years old) because I remember having to run around the track and, if it was cold and windy, the psoriasis would crack and bleed like chapped lips.  Gross...but that's how I remember the time frame.  I know it started as very small patches on my elbows, and I don't remember how fast it advanced down my arms.  So I would guess I must have had it at least a year or more by the time I got to that point -- because I remember there being more than just the tips of my elbows bleeding when it would crack. 

So what happened when I was 11 or 12 to cause me to stuff my emotions and give myself psoriasis?

My parents filed for divorce in mid-1988 (when I was almost 12).  I don't really remember them fighting a lot.  Occasionally but not every day.  I also remember always telling people that I was okay with my parents splitting -- that I never wished them to stay together.  Maybe I could sense something was going on behind the scenes.  Maybe they were fighting a lot and I was just already learning how to stuff my feelings then.  Maybe the divorce bothered me more than I realized or can admit. 

Anyway, the trauma can't be healed today because I can't heal what I can't even admit to myself.  But it's an interesting theory and I am definitely going to do some digging into my own mental garbage dump to see what I've been shoving away for the past 20 plus years.  Maybe this will explain to me why I'm so terrified of marriage.  It's not the marriage I'm afraid of but the possible divorce down the line. 

I'd love to hear your experiences with the metaphysical realm.  It's all new to me. 


  1. What a thoughful post, can't say that I can offer any insight, but I have had a similar experience with eczema. I am sure that any emotional digging would be helpful, I once did some counseling regarding disatisfaction in personal relationships and I think whatever was going on in that area of my life was the same thing happening with my skin (I once broke out in a horrible and prolonged rash when I was involved with a certain boyfriend, it was like I couldn't see that this guy wasn't right for me, but my body did!...and you know, the rash went away after we finally broke up!) Luckily, I do have some lovely people in my life that are very supportive, but I usually don't think to bring up this stuff with them, just doesn't come up in a way that is easily identified. I did some counseling once with a group dealing with boundry issues and it gave me some good tools to work with.

  2. I am in therapy...and now that I'm noticing a connection, I think I'm just going to print this out and bring it to my therapist to read! Easier than trying to say it all over again. :-D

  3. Metaphysics is such a personal journey. Only you will know when an issue becomes resolved. People can suggest ideas to help from their own expirences.

    For me, Metaphysics is a trinity between Mind, Body, and Spirit. If one becomes out of sync I manifest a situation or illness to let me know that there is a disconnection. I think Mahatma Gandhi said it best “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

    The post form the pagan site is actually from Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life". The site left out the affrimations to help resolve an issue though.. Personally I don't relate to affirmations alone,so I prefer Daniel Condron's book "Permenate Healing" The book has a cause for manifesting an illness as well as proactive steps to remedy an issue.

    Maybe the dissoulution of your parents marriage was something that you were at peace with, but as for the religous upbrining may have caused the jam up.. I mean everything we learned growing up is that a family is forever even in the after life. Having learned this from such an early age I can see where it can become difficult to overcome when a divorce does happens.

    I have come to see where the only constant in life is change. Its the perspective you have when walking away from an expeirence or situation that makes it pleasant or creates a negative judgement.

    Since so many judgements are learned at childhood, we repeat them as adults until we alter our own perspective from our own experiences.

    I think a lot of people can get stuck in the blaming game. Its easy to figure out where the dysfunction started from, its taking the extra steps to heal it. Maybe dive into relationship workshops, self help books on relationships. Learn the ways you and your partner communicate.

    I dated a person that tought me to get to a place of independance by being able to see life with and/or without my partner. Its not like an emotionless step in a relationship, it just breaks conrol/co-dependant issues.