Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who has time to sleep?

I hate when people say they feel great off five hours of sleep.  Not me.  I need eight and a half hours of sleep.  Yeah, I can "survive" off of six or seven, but I have to pay that back...and within the week usually...  I don't get to build up years of sleep debt.  I have to pay my debt back often. 

 Time just seems to be moving so quickly.  There's so much I'd LIKE to do but there's so much I HAVE to do.  Non-options:  Work, gym, sleep.  Plus, other non-options include doing laundry, grocery shopping, running errands, etc.  I have to eat, hang out with Rob, see friends, and try to fit in other fun things too. 

So if I am being a good girl and fitting gym time into my day, I am up at 5:30 a.m., working out, leaving for work by 8 a.m., working all day, driving home at 5 p.m., and in bed by 9 p.m.  And that's a "good" day.  If I have something going on at night, I might not even be home until 9 p.m.  Doesn't leave a lot of time for fun.  

So I guess gym time really is an option but it should be a non-option.  I've been sleeping in more lately than I should. 

I can't even imagine how tight my schedule would be if I had kids or something.  How does everyone else fit everything in?


  1. 8 Hours would be bliss, sady I get about 6-7 tops any more and I get headaches :(

  2. Yeah I get headaches if I don't get at least 8. :-)

  3. I have a similar schedule, and like you, I don't do well without sleep. For me, a big part of it is just getting used to getting up, I don't think of it as an option, I just do it. When it's really a struggle, I remind myself of how much better I feel, physically and mentally when I work out. Recently my partner moved in so he gets up and goes with me, which helps, but isn't necessary. (The added bonus here is that working out is, to some extent, "together time.")

    Also, except for pole class once a week, I pretty much refuse to make commitments on week nights, it just doesn't work. For pole, I skip the gym that morning, get out of class by 8, then straight home and to bed. The following morning is always rough though, but I love pole, so it's worth it. If you find you really must do things in the evening, you might try doing longer workouts less often.

    Back when I was working on a dissertation, on top of a full-time job, working out, etc. instead of working out every morning, I worked out three times a week, for a longer period, this got me about the same amount of workout time, but gave me more time on the days I didn't work out to work. (Basically, I saved a little on travel and set-up time at the gym.)

    All those other necessary things, like cleaning, get pushed to the weekend, which makes for really fun-filled weekends. I think in the end, it's just hard no matter what. I have no idea how people with kids do it.

    Thank you so much for the blog, I love reading it. (Wow this got long, ack!)

  4. I notice that the amount of sleep I need is related to my level of happiness. The more frustration I'm dealing with in general, the more I need to sleep. It's my body's way of coping with the mental & emotional stress. But if I have something exciting to look forward to or I've just done something fulfilling, I spring out of bed after 5 hours feeling totally refreshed!

    So most days I hardly ever feel like I've gotten enough sleep!

  5. Then I must be miserable because I always needs lots of sleep. lol! I can definitely spring out of bed when I'm excited but I'll have to make up for it eventually. :-)

  6. If you are ever looking for a different workout, you should check out The Bar Method. It's a body sculpting workout that targets every single part of your body. The class is only an hour long but it will get everything. After my first day of class I couldn't even walk straight for a few days. I think you will love it, plus you will stretch a lot in class so it definitely help with the pole goals you have =) I'm at the Walnut Creek studio & they also have a San Ramon studio too.


    I stop taking pole class so I can work more on my fitness, since there was a lot of moves I wasn't strong enough to do. I have been with TBM for about 1.5 years. Yeah I gave up pole dancing for this, but I can say I am in better shape than before (a person that never works out, unless she goes clubbing!) Now that I have a pole, I have been able to achieve most of the moves that I couldn't have done before. Anyways =) I sent you an invite for your first intro class to your Comcast email address. Let me know if you do go. I can join you =)

  7. Actually, I looked into the Bar Method! I am planning to take pilates reformer classes at the Absolute Center though. I LOVED the reformer!