Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How's that Chilidog doing, anyway?

So the vet called today.  Chilidog's bloodwork is almost back to normal.  The vet was speechless.  She can't explain it.  Apparently everything we've been doing to keep Chilidog alive is working.  His kidneys are still "blown out," so he's not fixed.  But his bones and muscles seem to be healing properly so we can drop his meds down to once a day.  We will continue with the IV fluids every other day, at least until our next vet visit.  We check in with the vet again in six weeks. 

Until then, we will just continue to enjoy the time we have with Chilidog and not question it.  :-)

 Hanging out in the closet
 Making Zeus jealous by eating some cake
 Sitting fancy
 Silly cat
 Smiling dog
 Eating cake to celebrate a healthy(ier) Chilidog
 Grooming Zeus
 Sharing ice cream
 Trying to steal my ice cream
Don't take my picture
 Too bad its orange...kitties aren't usually fans of citrus...but I loved it!
 Doesn't look even remotely comfortable
Grateful to have a healthy Chilidog to love

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