Thursday, June 30, 2011

What is all this chatter about Social Sonar anyway?!

Awhile back, I got a call from my friend Larissa's husband.  Wes wanted to talk about Facebook, blogging and the like.  I made plans to talk to him the weekend I had scheduled that 5k in Pinole AND the CitySolve urban scavenger hunt in San Francisco, so I was exhausted by the time we actually touched bases.  He starts telling me about his company that helps businesses manage social media websites.  It definitely sounds interesting but I am also a little tired and foggy from running around in the rainy weather all day. 

Wait, did you just say I might be able to get paid for writing blogs and being on Facebook?  SIGN ME UP!

I have long realized the importance of social media for businesses as I have been trying to use Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to boost Twirly Girls' presence on the internet.  Now Social Sonar is giving me the additional resources to offer it to an even wider audience.  I have a lot of friends who own small businesses and I am hoping to be able to provide a service to YOU.  I am really excited about this endeavor.

People have been asking me exactly WHAT Social Sonar can do for their company.  Wes says it best when he points out how frustrating it is for people to ask questions on a company's Facebook fan page and they go un-answered.  Social Sonar will tailor a package for your company to make sure your potential customers are able to interact with your company in the virtual world.  So that means responding to reviews on Yelp, answering questions on Facebook and promoting your company on Twitter.  It could also means responding to comments on YouTube or Meetup.  You have the ability to control which sites we monitor for you. 

But that is not all Social Sonar will do.  Twice a month, we will interview you about what's going on with your business, and then publish four blogs a month to your website.  This helps with search engine optimization, which means your company comes up faster when people "Google" your company.  We will also tweet those links through your company's own Twitter account.  No one has to know Social Sonar is sending out these messages.  People just see your company working hard to interact with them. 

Check out Social Sonar's blog about their services here:

I am planning a mixer in the next month or so and am inviting all of my business friends to join us to talk about how social media is affecting their business. If you are interested in joining us, please let me know (I will be sending around details soon).  Don't worry -- no high pressure sales here -- we know you can do all of this on your own.  But if you get too busy to handle it, you know where to go to ask for help!

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