Thursday, July 7, 2011

HELP! I'm fat and I can't lose weight!

Summer has finally arrived.  Most people spend Winter eating and getting fat, then spend Spring getting in shape for Summer.  Not me.  I make sure I gain a layer of blubber so I can stand the cold ocean waters of Northern California. 

I had to get in a bathing suit to go river rafting last weekend.  My thunder thighs were...amazing.  I mean, its not like I was so embarrassed that I tried to hide them but I was certainly very aware that I looked like shit.  I keep saying it over and over, but as I sit near 240 friggin' pounds, its time to do something.

Time to get up every single morning to work out.  I've been getting in a day here and day there  -- yoga and Twirly Girls for sure, maybe spin on Saturdays.  But I need to be working out six days a week, sometimes twice a day.  My goal right now is only to lose one pound per week.  I'll be at my goal weight in 40 weeks.  Yeah, it sucks to spend almost a year losing weight, but slow and steady wins the race.  I am going to start working now to be in shape for NEXT summer. 

Here's to a thinner 2012!


  1. Lori, what about giving your metabolism a boost? (There are natural boosters out there, I think) I don't know, you seem super active already. Have you gained weight recently? Your pictures certainly don't reflect it! You look amazing!
    Misti Oakley

  2. I've tried some natural stuff but I think being consistent with exercise is what I need to do. That's how I lost 25 pounds a few years ago. I'm up 40 pounds in the last two years...15 in the last few months alone. :-/ Very frustrating. But thank you. :-)

  3. How tall are you? I'd never guessed at your weight! (Or had the balls to post it on a blog!) I think you look great! But, I can relate to the wanting to dump some L.B.'s! Good luck on your journey!

  4. I'm trying to shame myself into losing weight by telling everyone how much I weigh. lol. I'm 6 feet tall.

  5. I started a fitness boost a while ago with a nutrition plan this trainer has put on his forum. I can't tell you how amazing it is, lost a stone in 4 weeks and since it helped me permanently cut a lot of the shit out of my diet, I've been loosing since January!

    Give it a go, say hi on the forum, we're a nice bunch! Go get 'em girrrrl xxxx @zoe28