Thursday, July 21, 2011

lolorashel supports pole dancers

I have been SO excited watching Steven Retchless kick ass on America's Got Talent.  One of the judges literally said there was no place for male pole dancers in America, then gave a standing ovation to an acrobatics act that had like six male pole dancers.  They were wearing jeans, though, and Steven wears hot pants.  Homophobic much, Piers?

Anyway, I am trying to contribute to the positive image of pole dancing and have decided to try to cater to the pole dancing and fitness community in connection with Social Sonar.  I just created a new page on my Google site and wanted to share it.  Please check it out and share it with your friends.

Social Sonar caters to EVERYONE, not just dance studios.  If you think anyone would benefit from our services, please let me know!  Lori at social sonar dot com (click for e-mail)

I tried to make the page fun and included a few pictures from the photoshoot with Andrew.  Enjoy!


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