Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Season six of the lolorashel show begins soon

So, I'm about to turn 35.  I don't feel 35.  Well, except for when my hip hurts, I feel 25 still.  Better actually since I'm still 150 pounds lighter than when I was 25.  When I was 20, or even 25, 35 seemed SO far away.  By 35, you were married with kids, a house and a dog.  I don't have any of those.  And I'm okay with it.  But I'm going to be 35.  I'm almost 40.  That messes with my head a little bit.  

If you need to get caught up...

Life should be stable by now, right?  I should be "successful" by now. 

What does that even mean?

I am very excited to be working with Social Sonar.  I feel like meeting up with Wes, Jon and Alison right before the start of my Season Six is perfect timing.  I am hoping Episode 35 will begin on a high note, only to get higher and happier.  Season Six will be all about becoming a social media maven.  Wes posted this on my Facebook wall last week:  Lori "Hurricane" Myers - she's the eye of the twitter storm. - Alison Kawa ;)
That works for me.  It is within the general theme of my life...Bel calls me the Twirling Viking Warrior.  
I am looking forward to an amazing start to Season Six.  Thank you to Wes for finding me and to Social Sonar for giving me an amazing opportunity. 

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