Monday, July 11, 2011

Survey about online gaming

As most of you know, Rob is finishing his doctorate and is writing his dissertation about online gaming.  He is finally approved to start gathering data.  If you are interested in taking the survey (there is a drawing for a gift card), or know other people who might be interested, please pass this along!  :-)

Here's a note from Rob:
All right, peeps. I've finally got my dissertation survey up and running on SurveyMonkey! It's been a long and annoying process. :-) 
If you've ever played an online game then feel free to take the survey and help me collect some data (please only take it once, though, if you do). Also, feel free to share the link with any friends, family, pets, etc. who might be interested. Thanks! Here's the link:
 P.S.  I informed Rob that I did not play online games and he said, what do you think "Words With Friends" is?!  It counts people!!!  Take the survey!

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