Monday, August 15, 2011

Operation Lose the Lard Ass

So I believe I mentioned I stopped logging my food recently.  I actually feel better.  Less anxiety surrounding food.  Goal for this week:  Cutting refined sugars.  I am still eating fruit but have changed to strawberries instead of watermelon (less sugar).  I cut the dried peaches in favor of nuts (raw almonds) with my vitamins.  I like pistachios but I need to find unsalted ones.  The salt makes my face pucker. 

Other side goals:

Not eating too much near bedtime (I have medication I need to take with food but eating toast before bed was too heavy and carb-y).  I picked up some no sugar applesauce and will eat that and a little bit of cheese with it.

Exercising consistently.  Between life and Enbrel, last week was a bust in this department.  I am not starting out super well this week since I went to a drag show last night and didn't get up this morning, but it's still shaping up to be a 5-day workout week. 

Watching carbs.  I can't cut them out completely.  I know that sounds lame but I can't.  So I am just trying to especially cut the straight up sugars (that means YOU, jellybeans!!!!!) and the mac and cheese.

I am feeling good about my plan.  Food-wise, I pretty much followed it last week and didn't feel all over-bloated and gross like I had been.  So I think I am on track again!

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