Saturday, October 8, 2011

Are you Pole Trippin'??

Bel had a great idea...and she started a group on Facebook to support it.

"This site was put together to help Pole Dancing performers, practitioners and enthusiasts connect with other members of the Pole Community who are traveling to other areas. Are you a performer teaching a workshop in an area that you're unfamiliar with? Are you an enthusiast who would like to squeeze in a Pole Class at a studio near where you are vacationing? Are you traveling specifically to get expert instruction from a top level Pole Instructor? Then this site is for you! Be a pole pal! If you like to meet other members of the Pole Community, maybe meet for dinner or drinks, provide advice on what to see or do in your area, or even offer a fellow Pole Tripper a room to crash, or a place to stay, then climb aboard the Pole Trip Express and start a new adventure!"

So if you are interested in joining the adventure, join Pole Trippers International on Facebook!

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