Monday, October 24, 2011


Last week I heard a report about some little twit celebrity who was claiming she eats and eats and eats all day long, never works out and doesn't gain a pound.  Before you go off on me about how underweight people have it just as rough as overweight people because they are battling health issues too, stop...I know that there are a few people in the world who actually have metabolisms that work like that.  Most people do not. 

I am actually surprised at myself for this reaction.  In general, I feel like celebrities should NOT be role models and we should try to help our children understand that stars have a lot of smoke and mirrors to make them look the way they do.  But for some reason, this comment pissed me off.

How difficult is it to say, yeah I try to eat healthy and workout a few times a week to stay in shape?  She (or he) doesn't have to admit the truth (that they probably eat one piece of lettuce a day, chain smoke and spend four hours a day at the gym), but why is it so difficult to admit to a reasonable and healthy diet and exercise regime?  No wonder so many  kids have a distorted body image. 

Even IF little Miss I'm-So-Hot is currently able to down In-N-Out all day at the age of 18, she has to know when she hits her 30's, it's going to be all downhill if she isn't setting up good eating habits!


Anyway, so there's my rant for the day.  Look here, celebrities, we know you have an "image" to uphold (that you are "perfect" without effort??) but stop telling kids you eat fast food all day and sit on your ass doing nothing.  It is giving them unrealistic expectations. 


  1. Would she happen to be one of the young models for the world's most famous lingerie brand?

    I'm one of those people though, who can actually eat like a trucker everyday and my metabolism takes care of it but it Does slow down the older you get. And there's such a thing as 'skinny fat', which Ms Thang will probably find out about after she turns 25.

    Seriously though, it's funny how different things set us off. My thing is when celebs get work done to their faces and pretend nothing happened. Um, like as if your nose, chin and cheekbones can sharpen themselves once you start doing pilates!? LoL! ;p

  2. So you are one of the "lucky" ones, huh? hehehe! I won't hold it against you! :-P Actually, I think the radio show was talking about an actress this time around but I've heard the story over and over again. And models are 100 times worse than actresses. I feel sad for them, really. I can't imagine having the type of job where I (a) can't eat and then (b) have to lie about everything.

    I too agree with the plastic surgery stuff. I am all for plastic surgery if you want to have it, but saying you just had a cleft palate fixed is so lame. Again...the pressure must be ridiculous!

  3. I like it! Perhaps we can get a collection and get some of those celebs a decent PR person. When you're a role model, or just a stupid celeb, and you have the ear of the public you need to be careful what you say. There are lots of people that take celeb tweets and blogs at face value. Perhaps we need to teach people to be a bit more critical of what they read and hear. Sure would put a damper on the news media!

  4. Maleko, YES! Maybe you can step in and tell these fools what to do! hehe!!