Friday, October 7, 2011

My first series at The Absolute Center

I just finished my first five-week series of beginner pilates reformer classes with Nicole at The Absolute Center in Lafayette.  If you don't know what pilates reformer is, it is a machine that looks something like a medieval torture device.  It has straps and pulleys and you're thinking -- what am I going to do on this thing?! 

I did pilates reformer a couple of years ago when I was in better shape with VJ at Bally.  I dropped off after Bally stopped offering reformer and now I'm in terrible shape (which is why I started at the beginning even though I have reformer experience).  Pilates reformer is probably one of the best exercises I have ever done! 

I adore Nicole too...she is very clear with her instructions to make sure we have proper form.  She can also notice the tiniest centimeter we might be off and helps us get into alignment.  Pilates is great for a stronger core -- which will help with my pole dancing!  I am only five weeks in and have already noticed a difference in my thighs and abs.  I am really looking forward to starting the second series next week!

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