Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Poletry in Motion: Shelly's Pole Studio

Last night I had a private class with the most amazing Shelly Lamb.  She has a studio, Shelly's Pole Studio, in San Francisco and teaches twice a week at Twirly Girls in Pleasanton.  If you have never had a one-on-one lesson and you are ready to take your dancing to the next level, then GO DO IT.  I still consider myself to be somewhat of an intermediate beginner.  I have been dancing for almost two years but due to my own laziness, am still not climbing well or inverting without help.  When I first talked to Shelly about doing a private class, I wasn't sure there was much I could learn.

Boy was I wrong!

First off, class is HARD when you are the only student and there's no one else for the instructor to harass while you sneak in a break.  :-)  We had a great warm-up, then we got straight to work.  I brought my routine for the upcoming Trick or Twirl event at Twirly Girls and Shelly took a few of my moves and just helped me make them better.  Shelly complimented Bel by saying that everyone that comes to Twirly Girls has a great foundation.  So it seems like she doesn't have to re-teach us moves we might be doing wrong.  But she can offer advice on how to make something work better or in a different way -- fresh perspective on the same old moves I've been trying to do for two years.  Shelly seems to feel the same way Bel does -- I'm stronger than I think...I just let my mind get in the way of the moves.

So we spent a little over an hour working on a spin, my handstand and getting up off the floor without looking like a cow.  She encouraged me to write down notes as we went along so I would remember what we worked on.  We then had a nice cool-down and stretch while we chatted.  Shelly is an amazing dancer and performer.  Here is part of her bio:  She competed in the 2010 USPDF West Coast Regional Competition receiving 2nd place and pro status,  the 2011 USPDF National Competition in New York, the 2010 EMW Tripole Challenge in Los Angeles, and the 2011 Pole Burlesque competition in Northern California receiving 2nd Place. 

Check out Shelly's website for more info (I see there are specials up for the fall)!  Even if you LOVE your current instructor, and are not trying to compete, if you feel like you're stuck in a rut or are just ready for a new perspective on moves you've been trying, you should give Shelly a call.  She has classes she can fit you into or perhaps you should just schedule that one-on-one time so she can watch you carefully and offer tips for improvement.  I'm certainly glad I did!

Below you'll find some videos from YouTube and photos (from the Lovely Rita Fundraiser).  If you want more information about my experience, message me and we can chat!


  1. Thank you for sharing, Lori. I consider it an honor to know Shelly as an amazing pole dancer, instructor, and friend. I've taken classes with her and love them. This blog spurs me on to begin scheduling private time with her also.

    We were at 2010 USPDF West Coast Regional Competition where Shelly won 2nd place and since then have been able to watch her perform for various events at Twirly Girls. She is amazing and Twirly Girls studio is able to benefit from her instruction, coupled with Bel's teaching, which makes for awesome pole dancers!

    Due to the fact that I live 2 1/2 hrs away, I am not able to attend TG as often as I like; however, it's well worth the drive when I do!

    Yolanda (Madera, CA)

  2. You are a true trooper...traveling as far as you do to hang with us!! I hope you get into do a private with Shelly soon. I really had a great time and hope to do it again very soon!!

  3. Lori, EVERYTHING you said about Shelly is true :) and just as important I don't think you realize everything you CAN do and are CAPABLE of doing, you are strong in your voice, dance, heart, spirit, and physical strength with all the activities you do, I went to a training session the other week and heard the words, "STOP GETTING IN YOUR OWN WAY OF SUCCESS" I'm glad Shelly was able to shed some light on your abilities :) Jen Jen

  4. We all do this (get in our own way) and it's so funny how it's easy to see it in others, but not ourselves...once we break through the negative chatter-this comes in waves for me, we can see how we stand in our own way. It's kinda sad how we can do this to ourselves. You really are a very graceful dancer Lori.

  5. I know...I know. I am my own worst enemy. ;-) But I am looking forward to taking another class with Shelly soon! I feel very lucky about the level of talent we have at Twirly Girls. Shelly is a pro competitor and can definitely help us improve but she paid Bel a great compliment by saying how impressed she is that every Twirly Girl she meets has such a solid foundation. Bel and Shelly make a great team!