Friday, November 4, 2011

I still love my flippies

So almost a year and a half ago [], I tried out a new brand (new to me) of flip flops (flippies, as I like to call them).  The Spenco Total Support flip flop.  I wear flippies almost every single day of the year.  Even if its raining, I will usually wear them.  So I've been wearing these flippies at least 80% of the time for a year and a half and I just NOW decided it was time for a new pair!

My new passion is supporting local businesses.  Check out my Facebook Group:  I Am One

I don't completely align myself with the "Occupy" movement, but I do recognize a need for change.  The government is corrupt and a lot of corporations are trying hard to kill small businesses so they can control everything.  It's hard to get politicians out of office overnight, so one thing I am doing to support a movement is to ask people to support local businesses.  Owning a small business was once the American Dream and I am hoping that will be what brings our economy back. 

So, I got my new flippies at a local store called Quenvold's Safety Shoes in Martinez, California.  If you are in the area, please check them out!

Not bad for being worn almost every day for the last year and a half!


  1. As someone that has worked for a "mom & pop" shop for years (first a small bridal shop in Brentwood, now for my dad's HVAC company) I also try to support local (and small) businesses! I truly believe it's what started this country going and when all else comes crashing down, I hope the "small's" are still around!

  2. I am down to support local businesses so if you want to put up info, please do!! :-)