Monday, November 14, 2011

My second series at the Absolute Center

I just finished my second five-week series of Pilates Reformer at the Absolute Center in Lafayette.

Here is my post about the first series:

While I haven't lost any weight (thanks, jellybeans), I am getting muscles and I haven't had those in quite awhile.  So that is exciting!  My legs and abs especially are harder.  I am noticing some biceps too.  I find my "chihuahua moment," as Nicole likes to call it, every single time.  Last week at silks, I was able to pull off a couple of moves I didn't think I was quite capable of yet.

Our third series starts tomorrow.  Then I think we take a little break for the holidays.  I am still working on getting my cardio up and my calories down.  I don't want to be one of those people who is always waiting to lose five pounds before I go live my life, but I do recognize I'm not healthy at this weight.  I've also been inspired by some aerial artists who are at least my size or bigger who don't seem to be held back by their weight.  So I will continue gaining strength while I lose the weight!

Joseph Pilates

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