Thursday, November 17, 2011

Operation Lose the Lard Ass: Three Month Update

I first decided to start Operation Lose the Lard Ass in August.  Here is my first post about it:

My update barely a week or so later:

Then my update last week:

I've been fairly silent about my actual weight.  And I've debated writing this post.  Not sure what my problem is.  It's just a number.  Maybe I don't want to feel like a failure.  Who knows.  But what I do know is that whether I tell you what I weigh or not, I still weigh that number.  So I am going to come clean.

When I talk about my gastric bypass, I tell people my highest weight was almost 350 and my lowest weight was around 180 (absolutely true numbers).  My "comfortable weight" is 200.  I am happy and healthy around that number.  I then tell people, I have "about 40 pounds to lose."  What I don't tell people is whether that 40 pounds is up from 180 or 200.  And as of yesterday, it's 50 pounds up.  51 to be exact.  And it's up from 200, not 180. 

So what that means is that I've actually gained 70 pounds from my lowest post-surgery weight.  SEVENTY FUCKING POUNDS!  How that did that happen?! 

Almost three years ago, I was 200 pounds.  I met Rob in 2009, and maybe got comfortable, maybe let stress get to me, or whatever, but by the time I was trying the win2lose program in March or April of this year, I was already up to 232.  When I weighed in three months ago in August, I was up to 245.  Three months later, I'm up to 251. 

I'm so frustrated and disappointed.  I realize that a scale is only one way to measure yourself.  Granted, I've really only gone up one size in the clothing department.  When I am 200, my size 14's are sagging off of me but I'm not quite ready to go down into a 12.  At 251, I'm still wearing a size 16 -- albeit a little tight.  Size 18's fall off.  I'm in between sizes, which is another frustration, and which is probably why I just wear my yoga pants everywhere I go. 

I will admit that part of why 50 pounds has only equaled a size and a half in the clothes department because SOME of the weight gain is muscle.  I have really ramped up in the pilates, pole and silks department, which is creating muscles I haven't seen in awhile.  But I am still furious about weighing 251 pounds.  Okay, it's still 100 pounds less than my top weight, and I am (sadly) STILL considered a gastric bypass success story to have kept off that much weight at almost eight years post-op.  But *I* know I can do better.  And I always said I wouldn't let this happen again.  When it was five pounds, I was going to take care of it!  So why didn't I?!  Now I'm facing down losing FIFTY pounds.  Again.  When I did this four or five years ago, it was 22 pounds and that sucked.  I know I can do it.  I just have to...DO IT. 

I again used Scooby's Workshop to figure out my daily caloric intake:

At my weight and activity level, I should be eating 2,368 calories per day to lose weight at a healthy rate.  If you try to lose weight too quickly, your body usually stalls out and refuses to budge.

Here's a sample menu for me:

Breakfast:  Protein shake with banana:  Under 500 calories

AM snack:  Almonds:  Under 200 calories

Lunch:  Salad:  Around 300 calories
            Soup:  Under 300 calories

PM snack:  Apple with peanut butter:  Around 400 calories

Dinner:  This is the wild card.  If I've been bad during the day and had more snacks than I should, then I can do another protein shake without a banana and have a 400 calorie dinner.  Sometimes other stuff but I try to keep it around 500-600 calories.

After-dinner snack:  This isn't every day...but if there's ice cream or something, that might be 200 calories.

If I eat everything listed, that's 2,400 calories.  I'm right on track.  I just have to make sure I'm not picking up jellybeans along the way.  I've been REALLY good about not doing fast food lately too.  That's a big win. 

As for exercise, here's the schedule I'm trying to keep:

Monday:  Spin/Cycle (I can also hit up yoga at night if I'm not doing anything else)
Tuesday:  Pilates reformer in AM, yoga in PM
Wednesday:  Pole and Silks in PM
Thursday:  Pilates reformer in AM (and can hit up yoga at night if I don't have other plans)
Friday:  Spin/Cycle
Saturday:  Pole
Sunday:  Yoga

I need more cardio.  :-/  But I HATE cardio.

I've been taking P90X pose photos for the last year or so.  They are bikini photos so I'm not quite ready to share them.  But once I start losing some of this weight, maybe I'll be brave enough.  

Any advice or tips or anything else would be appreciated.  And please be nice...I'm super sensitive about my weight.  I FEEL fat (the mirror proves it) but I wanted to share my story because I see a lot of people out there claiming they've "only gained 20 pounds," and I know it's more.  We aren't failures.  We are just still works in progress!


  1. I don't count calories. I only count protein grams and I strive to hit 100 grams of protein a day. I'm out by two years and have never had bounce back. I've gained up and down a few pounds, but I simply go back to post-surgery eating of protein, protein, protein, healthy vegetables and I'm usually too full to have anything else. ~Ange Gos

    I've maintained my 147 pounds (+/- 4) for almost a year now but I think what I did was different than 99% of other GB patients. I didn't walk, do cardio or any of the common workout mistakes most patients make. I started with something hardcore: Pole. Pole is mostly weight-bearing and muscle building and from 4 weeks after surgery to today, it's pretty much all I do. I have never done cardio. Anaerobic drills, absolutely (totally kicks up fat-burning where cardio is total FAIL).

    Skip the cardio, do weight training type exercises (silks, aerial, pole) and work in old school anaerobic drills. Eat much more protein and make sure your vitamin/mineral levels are higher than "normal" because we don't absorb.

    That's my advice, but I always suggest that you do what feels comfortable to you.

  2. I normally don't count calories. I just figured I had to get myself in control in some way. But I do agree with everything you're saying. And I do like our conversation on FB about a pound of fat and a pound of muscle weighing the's just that muscle is smaller and more condensed! :-D

  3. A friend of mine did nothing different to her diet except eliminate ALL sweetened drinks and alcohol, and she saw a visible change in about 5 weeks! You could also try eliminating obvious sugars like candy & ice cream at the same time too

    Good luck! And you're not a failure, you're really brave!

  4. Chwenny, I need to cut the late night eating. I don't drink sodas. I do like a Vitamin Water while I'm taking my real vitamins (covers the nasty taste), but otherwise don't drink liquids with calories. I drink alcohol maybe once every other month. My other issue will be the damn candy. I'm doing pretty well this week but all it takes is a shitty day to make me want to pick up some jellybeans!! Thank you for being so supportive. You rock, lady!

  5. Have you considered going on the HCG diet? It's pretty intense and delivers results fast. You'd have to stay away from intense routines for a while, but I was on it for about a month and lost 25 pounds. Can't tell you for sure if it was the HCG with the diet or just the very low calorie diet, but I do know it works!

  6. Is that the one where you only eat like 500 calories and take some hormone?