Monday, November 21, 2011

Tiny miracle?

Last night when I got home from Poletential, I saw my huge Half Dome photo on the ground.  I asked Rob what happened.  He said it literally jumped off the wall (maybe corroborating my feeling that we had a small earthquake while I was laying in the hammock??).  He then mentioned that it had knocked down his mom's piggy bank -- smashing it to pieces.

That piece of news made me sick to my stomach.  Rob's mom passed away when he was only 11 months old -- 35 years ago.  He doesn't really have much to remember her by -- a photo, some drums, some jewelry and the piggy bank.  Now the piggy bank is gone. 

I thought about it all night last night.  I prayed, or wondered, or asked the universe, or whatever you want to call it...trying to figure out if maybe there was a reason it happened.  Maybe there was something we were supposed to find inside the piggy bank.

Today Rob had some friends over -- they've known him for years and understood the sentimental value the piggy bank would have to him.  They looked through the coins.  Most were pretty old -- some even from the 1800's.  His friends told him he should check to see if they have any value. 

So tonight I went through and made little piles and searched the internet and they were right!  I mean, no life-changing, job-quitting kind of find, but we do have a little treasure chest here.  It was actually really cool to look through the coins and imagine that Rob's mom had once touched them too.  A lot of the older coins are made from real silver (and their melt-down value may even be worth more than their value as a collector's item). 

I have my own little interesting and eclectic coin collection from when I was a kid.  My dad worked in a paper mill and would get interesting coins from all over the world.  I pulled them out to look at them tonight just for fun. 

Anyway, so Rob has Morgan Silver Dollars dated 1878 to 1921, Peace Silver Dollars dated 1921 to 1935, Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars dated 1916 to 1947, Franklin Half Dollars dated 1948 to 1963, Kennedy Half Dollars from 1964 (they seem to be fully silver), and other interesting coins...some with values up to $50. 

I don't know yet if Rob will want to try to sell the coins to a collector or keep them, but I am glad that we got to be treasure hunters for a minute and I had a little fun figuring out their values.  Sometimes there can be a tiny miracle when something sad happens.  :-)

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