Thursday, December 29, 2011

Be Yourself...or Be Someone Else

About two " format changes" ago, a lot of inspirational quotes started showing up on Facebook via photo uploads.  I love them all.  I've been adding a lot of inspirational fitness and pro-female-related quotes, you motivate me to get in shape and be healthy and all that crap.  But I do have to laugh.  Half of them tell me I should be myself and accept people for who they are.  The other half are telling me to buck up and make changes so I don't continue to be the slouch I've always been.  So what do you want, Oh Facebook-motivational-quotes?  Do you want me to be myself -- a 35-year-old, overweight and lazy chick?  Or do you want me to be who I've always wanted to be -- a 25-year-old (or so) hottie who is rich, famous and gets to spend every waking minute having fun and pole dancing her ass off? 

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