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Does my hair prove I'm bi-polar?

Last year, I explored the topic of women with long hair:

Now I'm curious about hair color.  My mom is a hair stylist so I've been dying my hair since I was probably 14.  I have a different stylist now but I still love to play with hair color.  My hair is naturally a medium brown.  But I've dyed it black, blonde, red and back to brown.  And everywhere in between really.

They say blondes have more fun, but is that really true?  I'm currently rockin' a hot shade of red and I'm still having fun!

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Blondes are sexy, redheads are hot-headed and brunettes are good girls.

Is this really the message your hair color sends?

Our tress experts decode what your hues say about you, give tips on how to play up your color and share their favorite celebrity hair dos.


The impression: Redheads are perceived as feisty, opinionated and seductive, much like Emma Stone in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

“The word associated with red is hot – hot-headed and hot-tempered, but also sexy,” says master colorist Jon Patrick (, who has worked with Morgan Fairchild and Elizabeth Banks.
  On the flipside, ladies in red also can be seen as homely – with freckles, frizzy orange hair and pale lashes.  “There’s the stereotype that redheads are either drop-dead gorgeous or unattractive,” Patrick says.

Play it up: Request a vibrant red shade, suggests colorist Angela Berk of the Joseph Cozza salon at San Francisco’s Four Seasons Hotel.
  “The prettiest bright red hair has highlights and lowlights,” she says.  After adding these, she recommends a bright glaze. Don’t worry – your highlights and lowlights will still shine through


The impression:
“Exotic, sultry, tough and mysterious,” Ingham says.

Think sexy starlet Megan Fox.  Another way to grab attention?
  “Ask your stylist for a blue-black or violet-black shade,” Berk says


The impression:
“Brunettes are perceived as responsible, as the good girl,” Patrick says. Think Jenna Fischer in “The Office.”

Must have: Different shades running through your locks. Brunettes can be ho-hum when their hair is monochromatic, Patrick says.  “It’s not the brown color itself that’s boring, but the sameness of it.”

Play it up: “Sex up your hair with lowlights,” Patrick suggests. “They add a sexy quality and a whole new dimension of depth.”


The impression:
“Blondes are often thought of as the sex bomb,” Ingham says. The ultimate blonde bombshell: Marilyn Monroe.

This shade can be hard to maintain, so golden gals can also be stereotyped as high-maintenance and vain.  “Blondes are often not taken seriously in their profession,” he says. 
The party-loving and flirty rep has advantages in the dating world.

Must have: Confidence. “Wearing blond hair is like wearing high heels,” Patrick says. “It’s a statement and an attitude.”  “You’ll certainly get more attention as a blonde.”

And do they really have more fun?   Well, they have more opportunity to have fun because of the attention they get, Patrick says.

What's your best hair color? Click here to find out. 

Test Your Hairstyle IQ

Here are some pics of me and my bi-polar hair throughout the years:




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