Thursday, December 15, 2011

Failure does not always mean FAIL

Yesterday I was a little overly ambitious.  I got to work from home, which I don't normally get to do on Wednesdays, so I thought I'd try out the barre class at Forma.  It was a 7:30 a.m. class.  Perfect timing to get home and get to work by 9.  It was a great class.  Lots of ballet moves, making my butt and legs really hurt.  I went home, worked my day and left for Twirly Girls.  I had pole with Bel at 6 and silks with Sarah at 7:30.

I ended up getting to pole a little bit late.  I was kind of bad before I left and ate some Poppycock.  The sugar caused my blood sugar to take a dump while I was driving.  I started sweating and got really sick.  I had to stop for a soda to bring me back up.  Then I ate some nuts to even me out.  Lame.  But I knew better.  After gastric bypass surgery, I became very sensitive to sugar.  It was especially stupid because I had been craving jellybeans that morning and I settled for regular popcorn.  That was a huge win for me.  So to eat candy-laced popcorn later in the day was just dumb dumb dumb on my part. 

Anyway, I got to Twirly Girls and did pole class.  Then I got into silks.  I struggled with a few basic moves.  Then my muscles just stopped working.  I was also out of breath like I had run a mile.  It was almost embarrassing.  But my muscles failed me.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't pull myself up.

I was frustrated and irritated but I also realized that I was on my third class of the day.  Even when I was in great shape I wouldn't do three classes a day.  So my body reminded me that I am still a tiny, baby pole dancer.  I need to take things slowly in order to truly get stronger.

Just because my body failed doesn't mean I am a failure at exercising.  I am still taking every day one at a time.  Today I had pilates reformer in the morning.  I was going to hit up yoga after work but I think I will let myself rest.  I'm physically exhausted today.  Saturday, I have pole.  Sunday I have yoga and a Santa Baby pole/chair workshop with Diana.  So I have plenty of exercise in my near-future.  And that will be enough.

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