Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I don't do New Years Resolutions

I don't set New Years Resolutions.  It just makes me feel like a loser when I, along with 99% of the rest of the world, have forgotten about them by January 5th.  

But I do need to get better about setting and achieving goals.  Lately I've been making lists of things I'd like to do, but I don't really call them a goal or set steps to actually DO the thing I'd like to do.  So here are a list of my goals for 2012, and how I plan to do it if I already have a plan of action.

1.     I want to travel more.  

I have a bunch of pole events I'd like to hit this year.  I am already planning to go to BeSpun's Pole Show in Los Angeles in January.  I'd also like to hit up Girl Next Door: A Pole Dance Soiree in March.  Pole Convention in LA in June.  Great Midwest Pole Dance competition in Chicago area in August.  Pole Expo in Vegas in September, possibly.  California Pole Dance Championship, maybe in September?  New York for American Pole Fitness Championship in October (maybe USPDF in the spring??).  In New York, I'd also love to see The PULSE Project and meet Brook Notary in person.  I'd like to meet up with Aerial Amy, Kat and Kira Lamb from Climb & Spin.  I'd love to hit up Estee Zakar's studio in Colorado at some point.  I also want to visit Cathy from Yoga Flirt in Atascadero (and should be able to swing that sometime early in the year).  I have a whole list of studios to visit during my So. California trips.  I'd LOVE to head to Australia to meet The Pole Dancing Shop people.  I also want to go to New Zealand to see Shirley Jones from The Studio.  There are a million people and studios, including the Goddess Star Monroe, I'd love to visit in the UK.  I'd also be over the moon to visit Valentina of Pole Dance Italy.  

I have family in Thailand and I'd love to go see them.  My family wants to take a cruise in June.  My sister wants to his up Vegas for her 30th birthday in December.  

Money will limit my trips for now, but those are some of the places I'd love to visit. 

2.     I want to lose 20 pounds.  

Although my ultimate goal is to lose 50 pounds, I want to lose 20 pounds fairly quickly.  I am increasing my exercise and really watching my food in-take.  The sticking point for me is doing more cardio and stopping the binges. 

3.     I want to teach.  

Bel mentioned a class she'd like me to teach.  So that is why I want to lose the 20 pounds.  I don't want to just teach, I want to be a GREAT teacher.  I am doing research and talking to people and have a plan in mind.  I'm really excited to make this happen.

4.     I want to continue the success with Social Sonar.  

I have picked up a bunch of pole dance related clients and I would like to continue that direction.  Social Sonar works with all kinds of businesses but if I can pick up more pole related clients, then I can do more fun pole stuff for work!

5.     Pole Goals.  

I want to continue working on inverting, climbing and other advanced moves.  I would love to teach pole classes after I'm doing those comfortably.  

6.     Flexibility.  

This goes along with getting in shape and the pole goals, but I REALLY need to get more flexible.  I am going to try some DVDs, starting with Felix's and Alethea's. 

7.     I want to be able to hang from the pole, silks (or the monkey bars) and be able to lift my own legs up to my chest.  I am doing pilates to help with this.  It's a slow process but losing weight might help speed it up.  

I have a lot of really fun projects in the pipe.  2012 is going to be EPIC.

*Day 5 of 30 days of blogging*


  1. YES!!!!! Come to the Midwest Competition so we can meet up! Or even better yet, come to the Metro Detroit "spring fling" pole & aerial showcase/festival on March 24th, woman! It will ALSO be epic!! :)

  2. Oh wow...I would love to come out in March. I will have to see how my first quarter goes. So many changes are coming!!!!

  3. Girl - get your gorgeous arse over to the UK - I will take great, indulgent care of you xxxx -

  4. AWESOME! And good luck with all of your great intentions. Putting them out into the Universe is the first step. I hope to meet you, too, in 2012! Woohoo, here's to new beginnings...

  5. You have some wonderful goals and plans. I hope you make it to most/all of your pole travel spots cause then we'll see each other a lot this year!!!

  6. I should have added "win the lottery" to my list. So many amazing people to visit!!!