Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

I run myself ragged every single day.  Most days I feel like I'm running around from the minute I wake up until the minute I fall into bed.  Even when I'm sitting and watching TV, I'm usually writing a blog piece for someone.  I was a little worried when I started the Enbrel, and then upped the ante by switching to Humira.  They are immune system suppressants.  I don't get sick often and don't have time for it.  But those meds make me slightly more susceptible to illness.  So I've been running around like crazy recently, but am facing a few days off for Christmas.  And this morning, on Christmas Eve, I wake up not feeling well.  Mostly my head feels woozy and my throat is irritated, so I'm hardly incapacitated.  But REALLY?!  I have a few days to actually kind of relax and I get sick?!  Ugh.  Merry Christmas to me!!!  :-P

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