Friday, December 23, 2011

Pilates Reformer at Absolute Center -- Third Series

So I just finished my third five-week pilates reformer series at the Absolute Center in Lafayette (HERE is my post about finishing the second series).  I did have a money hiccup that caused me to miss a couple of classes but it was around Thanksgiving and I hardly noticed it.  I am still fat -- no weight loss really.  But I am getting SO strong.  I have muscles in my abs and legs especially that I have not seen in about three years.  Don't get me wrong, I have a long way to go, but I'm really excited about my progress.  My hip and back are hurting less too, which is a huge plus. 

Since Christmas is in two days (not that you'd know here in Northern California with all of the sunny days we're having), we are only meeting informally for the next couple of weeks.  Then the next series begins on January 10th. 

We only have one official series left.  Then I'm not sure what happens.  I LOVE the reformer.  Mostly because its fun to work out laying down and barefoot.  And I feel like there are still a lot of exercises I could benefit from on the reformer.  I imagine we may be able to continue as a mixed level class.  I just really like Nicole so I'd like to continue training with her.  Unfortunately, I'm also on limited funds while Rob isn't working so I'll have to keep hoping that a group will be available at the same times that I am.  The Tuesday/Thursday 7 a.m. class is so perfect.  I really like the three guys in my class too.  They are silly like me and like to laugh and joke. 

I also know there are a bunch of other core-strengthening torture machines at the Ab Center that might be good for me.  There is the Cadillac/Trap Table, chair pilates, the barrel...  There are also the Core Align machines that look weirdly scary to me.  That might help me learn how to balance better while standing up.

I am definitely open to trying other things -- whatever will get my chubby bunny ass to flip into an invert on the pole!  Onward and upward.  Literally. 

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