Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What will my excuse be next week?

The holidays are here.  In Northern California, the weather has been cold (for us) but clear and sunny.  No rain.  Definitely no snow.  But the FOOD that comes with the holiday is here.  I don't usually gain weight during the holidays because I eat year 'round.  I don't need a celebration to have an excuse to eat.  Nope, not me.  However, life does seem to get even busier (if that's possible) and it's easier to throw exercise away.  That can lead to weight gain.  Or at least loss of strength.  If I'm not careful. 

So what will my excuse be next week? 

When the holidays are over and life is back to regular-busy, on which excuse can I blame my lack of dealing with my issues?  What will be causing me to eat jellybeans?  What will hold me back from the gym? 

I guess only time will tell!  Next week is almost here and the holidays are already almost over!

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